How to choose a good LED manufacturer?

At present, there are many products on the market, but also because of their simple manufacturing methods, the price competition is fierce, and many agents are also ups and downs in the fierce competition, and there are still a few who can survive.

In view of this problem, many agents began to look for some products that are difficult to imitate and can be customized to represent, because such products involve a lot of details, customers want to compare prices not only to understand a lot of content, but also because of some professional Knowledge, and do not know where to start, this is undoubtedly a good profit point for agents, and such a product is – LED display.

Because the LED display involves a lot of parameters and details, not to mention ordinary customers, even senior account managers with many years of experience in LED display sales, may not be able to completely explain the inside.

As an agent, as long as you can find such a good LED manufacturer, then you can make money as long as you sell the product. For agents, how to choose a good LED manufacturer is a problem for many agents The biggest problem encountered. Next, let’s take a look at it together.

According to relevant media reports, a series of policies have been introduced in China, which has brought new opportunities for overseas development for the LED display industry. This means that while some overseas agents are looking for LED manufacturers, domestic LED manufacturers are also looking for partners.

LED display manufacturer
LED display manufacturer

For small and medium-sized enterprises, with favorable export policies, countries with small market capacity and low degree of development, such as Southeast Asia and Central Asia, have become potential markets worthy of “deep digging”. Compared with the markets in developed countries, which are difficult to enter, development is undoubtedly a “small but many” market. The market capacity of a single country is small, but the number of such countries is large, which still has great development significance for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Moreover, under the highly saturated domestic market, LED display companies must seek new markets to survive and develop. At this time, the “Belt and Road” is “escorting” these companies and helping them develop overseas markets smoothly.

Under the situation of continuous technological innovation, falling prices and huge potential market, the use of LED displays will become more common, not only in public life and commercial activities, but also in all aspects of our lives. Under this impetus, the LED display industry will gain more development opportunities and maintain a favorable trend of vigorous development.

The relationship between agents and manufacturers is delicate, peaceful coexistence and common development

On top of that, as the digital age progresses by leaps and bounds, agencies face the odd phenomenon that their choice of software platform and equipment vendor is more or less hampering their own development. In other words, in order to give priority to selling their own devices, platform suppliers often impose some restrictions on software, or can only expand new functions on their own product lines.

In this way, if the owner puts forward new functional requirements, the agent can usually only filter in the new functions and new equipment developed by the original platform supplier. In the end, there are usually only one or two manufacturers of equipment in the entire system. This relationship can be maintained in a short period of time, but from a long-term perspective, if the manufacturer’s technical capabilities are not updated in a timely manner or the service is not in place, the owners, agents, and manufacturers will have conflicts due to uneven interests.

LED display manufacturer
LED display manufacturer

In fact, there is an interdependent relationship between agents and manufacturers in market activities. However, nowadays, more and more manufacturers are directly involved in the project, especially the entry of large companies. With the help of strong personal connections and market operation methods, the situation of engineering companies is becoming more and more difficult. In some large-scale projects, the owner will conduct a lot of market research on the equipment and performance used.

In this way, the brands selected by the agents are limited, and the right to speak is less and less. In order to obtain the project, the manufacturer usually makes a unified quotation to the engineering contractors participating in the project. It is not difficult to see from this that engineers and manufacturers are actually a loose community of interests.

Therefore, both agents and manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways of cooperation. In order to gain more benefits and autonomy, agents with a little strength are usually ready or have already produced and developed products by themselves.

In addition, the agent also needs to cooperate with the manufacturer in an orderly manner, especially in terms of product quality, because the construction company needs to link each qualified product to Party A, and the quality of the product itself must be excellent, so as to avoid There are various problems such as wiring, linking, debugging, etc. in the middle or after the sale.

Now the project acceptance standards are more stringent. If there is a slight negligence or unqualified place, Party A will pick out the fault. On the one hand, it will affect the progress of project acceptance, and on the other hand, it will also affect the return of project funds. The direct economic loss to the engineer is relatively large.

Everything must have a cause and effect, and the above-mentioned situation may not necessarily be “groundless”. As far as the current development situation is concerned, the cost price of the LED display manufacturing industry has also been basically transparent. At the same time, Party A also has the right to compare product quality, service quality and price in the market, which to a certain extent threatens to lower the price for the contractor. And engineering companies are also facing the pressure of survival in the production process, and have to reduce the profits they deserve. If the construction company wants to stabilize the project at this time, the only way to further reduce the cost is to give up profits or even lose money.

To sum up, as an important part of the entire industry chain, agents are not only limited to the single technology and product of LED display, but also broaden their horizons, innovate their thinking, and set their sights on display solution suppliers. Actively learn from various advantageous and competitive display technologies, such as liquid crystal, DLP, projection, OLED, etc., to meet the various display needs of customers. For engineering companies in various places, the proportion of any product, beyond the product itself, has an increasing impact on the after-sales service of the product. An industry with better service is bound to bring great vitality to the enterprise, and it is also conducive to the handling of customer problems.

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