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LED display is an advertising display product with high brightness, low power consumption, long lifetime, impact resistance, stable performance and low maintenance cost. after several years of rapid development, it has developed into a mature industry. More and more used widely, more and more favored by the majority of customers. But as an LED display buyer who has just come into contact with many models, how should buyer choose an LED display that suits them? The following is divided into five points.

1. First, we must understand the basic principles of LED modules and LED displays.

LED module structure:

LED display structure:

Outdoor LED display:

Indoor LED display:

2. Choose different cabinets and control schemes according to the installation position of the LED display project.

If the LED display you need is fixed installation in a certain position and does not need to be moved, then you need to choose an iron cabinet. If your LED display needs to be moved or rented, then you need to choose to rental die-cast aluminum cabinet. And need to distinguish between indoor and outdoor, indoor LED display is low-brightness and not waterproof, outdoor LED display is high-brightness and IP65 waterproof.

3. Select the pixel pitch according to the best view distance.

The view distance of the LED screen:

The viewing distance is an important value that defines the separation between two pixels. For example, if we need a 3 x 2m screen, if we want the best vision over 8 m, we can choose a pixel pitch of 10 mm. But if we want to reduce its viewing distance, make it closer and the screen clearer, then the pixel pitch is best to choose 8mm.


What is the pixel pitch:

The pixel pitch describes the density of pixels on the LED display and is related to the resolution. Sometimes called pitch or dot pitch, pixel pitch is the distance (in millimeters) from the center of a pixel to the center of an adjacent pixel. Since the pixel pitch indicates the amount of space between two pixels, a smaller pixel pitch means less blank space between pixels. This equates to higher pixel density and higher screen resolution. (The following is the P4 LED module)

4. Choose the size of the screen according to actual needs.

This mainly depends on the customer’s needs, and then contact the sales staff of the JYLED display manufacturer for a detailed quotation

5. Choose different configurations according to the budget.

LED lamp beads account for 70% of the entire LED display components. The quality of LED lamp beads directly determines and affects the overall lifetime of the LED display. The theoretical lifetime of LED lamp beads is 100,000 hours. As long as the working current is suitable, the PCB heat dissipation design is reasonable, the display production process is rigorous, and the maintenance is properly maintained, it will be no problem for a few years. The LED lamp bead device is the key to the LED display screen and is also a life-related component.

LED lamp beads are one of the most important parts of LED display screens. The number of a whole large LED screen lamp beads is as high as several million or even tens of millions. The quality of the LED lamp bead material directly determines the level of the LED display.

Inexpensive lamp beads are characterized by chips are small, wires and brackets are very common materials, high-end lamp beads are made of good materials, such as pure gold wire for wires, copper brackets for brackets, epoxy resin, corrosion resistance and UV resistance , High light transmittance, pay special attention to the quality of LED lamp beads when purchasing LED displays.

Like the configuration of a computer, it is mainly composed of core accessories such as the motherboard, CPU, graphics card, memory, and power supply. The final performance of the computer also requires the coordination of various components. In fact, whether it is in indoor and outdoor LED displays, the driver chip, circuit board and power supply are also very core components. The quality of these parts is excellent, then the service lifetime, display effect and stability of the LED display will be good guarantee.

In China, the most commonly used by locals are products of standard quality (Mulinsen, Hongsheng and other common lamp brand), which are cheap and stable in quality. Due to the rapid development of China’s express delivery industry, the price is favorable, so if products have any problems, can send it back to the factory for repair. In foreign countries, the price of postage and freight fee is high, and it is not sure can find technicians who can repair in the local area. Taking into account these problems, customers are usually recommended to choose mid-to-high-end lamp brands (Kinglight, Nationstar brand, etc.), and increase the number of spare parts. . Of course, many foreign professional customers can independently repair lamp beads and IC problems, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the module, and they can also choose different configurations of lamp brand according to their own needs and budget.

The following video is the maintenance instruction video of LED lamps and IC and the comparison of different pixel pitches led screen. If you are interested, you can click on the video to learn and watch.

LED lamp and IC repair instruction video:

The comparison with different pixel pitch led screen:

Thank you for watching. For more LED display knowledge, please pay attention to the official website of JYLED.

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