How to choose LED floor tile screen?

For customers who have never bought such products, it is a headache to choose LED floor tile screen. Products like the LED floor tile screen are an LED display that can be placed on the ground, which is different from the LED display we know.

Because the ordinary LED display screen, a little bump may damage the lamp beads, resulting in abnormal display of the entire screen. The LED floor tile screen can be placed on the ground and stepped on at will. From this point of view, it is indeed different from what we know. Let’s talk about the purchase of LED floor tile screen, I hope to help you.

LED floor tile screen
LED floor tile screen
  1. Look at the load-bearing pressure, which is an important reference index for all floor tile screens, because after the Chengdu floor tile screen is installed, it is a LED Displays screen that needs to withstand the movement of people or objects. There are some floor tile screens installed on the stage. It is often necessary to sing and dance frequently. If the load-bearing pressure is too small, there will be many problems during use. Therefore, try to choose products with a load-bearing pressure of 2 tons or more per square meter.

In this case, let alone dancing, even if a small vehicle rolls over it, there will be no problem at all. Otherwise, if there is damage or the screen display is incomplete, it will not only affect the atmosphere of the entire event, but also prone to certain safety hazards. This is the importance of the load-bearing capacity of the LED floor tile screen, and it is also one of the most important indicators.

  1. Look at the protection level, because the floor tile screen is installed on the ground, so the requirements for anti-skid, waterproof and dustproof of the floor tile screen are higher. It is best to choose the floor tile screen with IP65 level to avoid water or dust entering the screen. inside the body, causing problems with the entire display.
  2. Installation and maintenance, since the floor tile screen is an electronic product, it is inevitable to encounter problems in the long-term use process. Therefore, try to choose a regular and reliable company, so that it can be installed in the early stage or in the later stage of maintenance. Reliable guarantee.
  3. Interactivity, floor tile screens are mostly installed in large indoor shopping malls, stage performances, evening parties, shows and other scenes, and their interactive functions are indispensable. Floor tile screens lacking interactive functions have no soul. At the same time, in the After installation, it will not attract more people’s attention.
LED floor tile screen application
LED floor tile screen application

The interactive LED floor tile screen can better attract the attention of customers. However, the corresponding cost will be higher than that of non-interactive ones. Therefore, advertisers need to comprehensively consider their own budget costs and the use environment when purchasing LED floor tiles.

  1. Finally, the most important thing is to choose products that suit your needs. Don’t blindly ignore your needs for the so-called brand effect. Only HD LED Displays that suit you are the best products.

The above is all about how to buy floor tile screens. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email~

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