improve transparency of LED transparent screen? Demystifying the principle of transparent screen

Transparent LED displays are favored by the market for their high transparency and transparent display methods. The main permeability comes from the hollow design structure of the light bar, which reduces the obstruction of sight by structural components. So how to further improve the transparency of LED transparent screen? Here is the answer for you:

There are two important factors in determining the transparency of the LED transparent screen:

1. The pixel density of the LED transparent screen itself;

2. The shading part of the structure of the module itself. However, the premise is that the structural strength of the box must be ensured to optimize the structural shading to the least. Because the LED transparent screen can be arbitrarily spliced, large-area hoisting and vertical installation like the traditional LED display, so the structural strength requirements are the same. very high.

The traditional LED box does not need to consider the problem of permeability, so the structure of the box is relatively complex, almost all of which are made of metal and alloy materials, and the reinforcing ribs of the frame and the bridges inside the frame are relatively numerous, so as to ensure the strength and rigidity of the box. and stability after splicing.

However, for the LED transparent screen box, the complex bridging of the box space structure must be avoided to ensure the screen permeability. Otherwise, the LED transparent screen cannot truly reflect the beautiful beauty of transparency, and it is difficult to win the favor of customers.

Therefore, the ultra-thin and transparent LED transparent screen box HecsX, the optimization includes the following aspects:

1. Optimize the width of the light bar to 5mm to further reduce the occlusion of the light bar.

2. Optimize the width of the power box to 40mm, compared with 80mm of other manufacturers, which greatly reduces occlusion and structural redundancy.

3. Optimize the number of metal cards to the minimum and reduce the permeability

4. The box is made of high-strength aluminum profiles, and the thickness of the frame is optimized to a minimum.

The above is carried out under the condition that the structural strength and performance of the box are not affected. The shape of the box is more concise and atmospheric, and the weight is lighter. The weight of a single box is only 2.75kg, which is 40% less than 5kg of other manufacturers. Models with the same spacing Products, the permeability is increased by 5~10% to truly achieve lighter, thinner and more transparent.

Although transparent LED display is an indoor product, it is still based on outdoor display. For the LED screen market, the strong demand and market segmentation of the outdoor market are unparalleled in the indoor market, and the glass curtain wall is one of the manifestations of the segmented field.

Outdoor LED transparent screens are generally used in the field of glass curtain walls, and are installed on the inside of the glass for outdoor viewing. The area is between tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters, and the brightness is high, at 4000~6000nit, it can be displayed and played normally in the sun. 

For indoor transparent screens, such high brightness is not required. So what is the difference between outdoor LED transparent screen and indoor transparent screen? How to choose the corresponding model?

 The difference between outdoor and indoor transparent screens

1. Different brightness requirements

Full indoor display. Including: indoor stage, exhibition hall, conference room, etc. The indoor light is dim, and the brightness of the indoor LED transparent screen should be controlled between 800-1500nits. It is recommended not to exceed this brightness range. If it is too bright, it will appear too dazzling, affect the viewing effect, and also consume more electricity.

Semi-outdoor display. Including: shopping malls, sales offices, etc. The semi-outdoor light environment is better than indoors, and the brightness selection should be controlled at around 2000-3500nits to ensure the normal display effect of the transparent LED display.

When the LED transparent screen faces no sunlight, it is perfectly satisfied according to the customer’s environment of 3000CD-4500nits; when the outdoor LED transparent screen faces the sun, the low-brightness transparent screen will appear blurred pictures due to insufficient brightness. In the sunny environment, the transparent screen The brightness selection should be around 5000-6000nits to meet the normal display effect in a strong sunshine environment.

2. Different viewing distances

Outdoor LED transparent screens are generally larger in area, and the viewing distance is farther. At 30 meters away, the indoor transparent screen area is not large, and the viewing distance is relatively short, generally around 20 meters. Therefore, the outdoor pixel density requirements are not as high as indoors, because the viewing distance is far, so the pixel density is low and the point distance is large. It is recommended to use PrsuX-9.26mm and 15.6mm spacing for outdoor LED transparent screens, and HecsX-3.97mm is recommended for indoor transparent LED screens.

3. The cost of raw materials is different

There are many factors that affect the price of LED transparent screens:

One is the materials used, the lamp beads and power supply brands used are different, and of course the quotations are different

Second, the dot pitch of the LED transparent screen, in the same area, the smaller the dot pitch, the more the number of lamp beads used, the clearer the picture quality, and the cost will increase.

Third, the size of the transparent LED screen, the same point spacing and configuration, the larger the screen, the higher the cost.

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