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Colorlight iM9 Multifunction Box

iM9 Multifunction Box

Colorlight IM9 Multifunction Box Analytical Diagram
Colorlight IM9 Multifunction Box Analytical Diagram

product description

The iM9 multifunction box is an important accessory that cooperates with Colorlight’s various control systems to realize environmental monitoring and remote control. It can realize real-time detection of the operating environment of the display screen, such as temperature, humidity, smoke, etc., to ensure the safety of the display screen use environment; it can monitor the environmental brightness, and automatically adjust the display brightness according to the environmental brightness value and the previously set brightness adjustment strategy.

In order to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection and to ensure the best viewing effect of the display screen; multiple control relays can be used to realize remote switch management of on-site equipment such as air conditioners, fans, power distribution cabinets and other equipment.

Parameter specification table

Control system compatibility

Sending equipment Supports Colorlight’s full range of sending equipment and gigabit network cards

Receiving equipment supports all series of Colorlight receiving cards

Peripheral equipment supports Gigabit fiber optic transceivers, Gigabit switches, etc.

Physical parameter

Board size 198.5*147.2*56.2 mm

Input voltage AC 100~240V wide voltage

Rated power consumption 4.65W

Weight 1.5kg

remote control

Remote power switch 4 channels display power switch control

2 way fan air conditioner power switch control (can be controlled automatically by temperature monitoring)

1 channel speaker or other power switch control

Automatic brightness adjustment Automatically adjust the brightness of the display according to changes in external brightness

Environmental monitoring

Temperature monitoring support

Humidity monitoring support (optional)

Smoke sensor support (optional)

other functions

Sound transmission support (optional, need to be used with sending equipment)

Automatically power off when there is no signal. The display will automatically turn off when the signal to the sender is cut off. When the host computer signal is restored, the display will automatically turn on.

Hardware introduction

1. Interface function table

No. Name Function Remarks

1 Sound output port Cooperate with the sending card to transmit the sound to the display screen through the network cable (non-standard, need to be customized)

Please consult our technicians for specific use

2 Power switch Turns the power on and off

3 RS232 serial port is used to control customer related equipment

4 Ethernet port Connect the sending device or the receiving card Two network ports regardless of input and output

Can be exchanged at will

5 Indicator light Indicate power and signal transmission status

6 Power interface AC 100~240V

7 Monitoring expansion interfaces Can be extended to real-time brightness monitoring, humidity monitoring, smoke monitoring, etc. (non-standard, need to be customized)

Please consult our technicians for specific use

8 Relay switch control

Interface relay control, automatically delay power-on or power-off.

Among them, J9-J12 are delayed linkage power-on and power-off;

J13-J15 can be temperature-controlled and individually controlled switch (please pay attention to the relay when using

Current limit of the device)

2. Size and hole position map

Colorlight IM9 Multifunction Box CAD Size
Colorlight IM9 Multifunction Box CAD Size
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