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Is there a completely transparent P3.91 LED transparent screen?

Now when many customers inquire about the P3.91 LED transparent screen, they often ask for the percentage of the light transmittance of the display. This is mainly because the single and double color led display can no longer meet the personalized needs of the current shopping mall, so LED transparent screen will be selected.

The appearance of the transparent screen is often combined with the glass environment, such as the glass curtain wall of the office building, the glass window of the chain store, etc. Due to its unique light transmission, when there is no display pattern, it is the same as if it is not installed, and it will not affect high-rise buildings. And the lighting and ventilation inside the shopping mall, therefore, are very popular with customers.

transparent LED display
transparent LED display

When the transparent LED display is not installed, there is no problem with the transparency. The key is that it is not completely transparent after lighting. Therefore, some customers will ask whether there is a completely transparent P3.91 LED transparent display. Woolen cloth?

The LED transparent screen is named to be different from the traditional LED display. In fact, the light bar screen, glass screen, etc. in the transparent LED display are not fully transparent. The main purpose is to improve the transparency of the LED display through some technologies. , making the display screen more transparent, such as the common glass curtain wall LED transparent screen, it is installed on the inside of the glass curtain wall, and the LED transparent screen cannot be seen outside the glass curtain wall of some high-rise buildings, shopping malls, etc., but When the display is lit, you can see a very clear and brilliant picture.

So, will there be complete transparency? The answer is not yet. This is because the LED transparent screen is essentially a type of LED display, and it is not separated from the basic accessories required by the LED display, such as LED lamp beads, Power supply, wire, box and other combined elements, and these accessories are not yet transparent, so the transparent LED display mainly improves the transparency of the LED screen through some innovative technologies, making the screen closer to transparency. If there are more high-tech materials in the future that can achieve transparency, then the transparent LED display may be completely transparent.

Compared with the traditional LED display, the transparent LED screen has high transparency, good scalability, light weight, convenient maintenance, cool display effect and light weight, and a stronger sense of technology and fashion. At present, the transparency of LED transparent screen can be about 90%, and the spacing is about 3mm, and it will not affect the lighting and ventilation inside these high-rise buildings and shopping malls.

Transparent LED Display product
Transparent LED Display product

The LED transparent screen looks like a louver composed of a group of linear LED lights. The design greatly reduces the blocking of the sight by the structural components. The permeability can reach 85%, which greatly improves the perspective effect. Display equipment with high height and good perspective effect.

It is composed of a group of linear LED small lights, which greatly reduces the obstruction of sight by structural components in the design, and the permeability can reach 90%. It maximizes the perspective effect, and is currently the display device with the highest definition and good perspective effect.

Due to the characteristics of the LED transparent display, its installation method is also different from the conventional LED display. The general LED display needs to be equipped with a steel structure or a welded frame, while the transparent LED display does not need a steel structure, or even It can be directly mounted on the glass in the form of spiral straight insertion, so it is very convenient to install.

Without the influence of the steel structure and frame, the total weight of the transparent LED display after installation will be significantly lighter than that of the ordinary LED display. This is another important aspect of the transparent display besides the transparency The advantage is that it is easy to install and has a light structure. Therefore, when installing, it can save time and speed up the completion progress.

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