Is there any difference between rental display and ordinary LED display?

The rental display we often say refers to a display that can move the moving screen. And the ordinary LED display, we usually refer to the fixed installation display. Therefore, the main difference between a rental display is that it needs to be moved frequently, dismantled and installed repeatedly, so the requirements for the product are higher, and the product shape design, structural design, and material selection are all emphasized.

According to their structural characteristics, the two main differences are as follows:

First, the fixed installation screen is installed in sequence, and the size is very standardized, and the rental screen requires that it can be easily installed, disassembled, and transported repeatedly, and the staff can complete the work quickly and reduce the labor cost of customers;

Second, the rental screen has a strong tolerance for slight bumps in transportation and handling, and the size should conform to the loading system of the transportation tool, especially the transportation across continents, which is greatly different;

Stage rental display screen display effect
Stage rental display screen display effect

Third, because of the need for frequent handling, the design of the LED poster display screen itself must be strong enough to withstand handling, otherwise, it is easy to collide during handling, causing damage to the LED. Even a broken LED light will affect the whole. Effect.

When providing rental screen services to customers, the difference between rental screens and fixed installation screens is that once the fixed installation screen is installed, the effect is immediate, while the rental screen must show a perfect display effect throughout the concert. It is also the most important thing for customers.

Due to the increasing frequency of rental displays, rental displays may develop in the following three directions in the future.

The LED rental screen may be divided into three major directions in the future:

First, with the application of small pitch, the dot pitch of rental screens will become more and more precise, and may even replace the effect of 4K in the future. With the development of technology, the price and cost of small pitch rental screens will become more and more reasonable;

Second, color correction is very important, because when doing any concert tour or rental market, color correction can realize the flexible scheduling and application of different products, even if it is different batches of products, there will be no color difference. Gap.

Third, the control system, the rental supplier needs to go on tour around the world at any time. If there is any incompatibility or mismatch in the control system, it is very tedious for engineers to do follow-up customer service or on-site service. , so the control system is required to better meet the compatibility of different batches of products.

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