JYLED is ready to move forward

With the continuous innovation of commercial displays, people are increasingly pursuing aesthetics, fashion and novelty for commercial display advertising methods. A large number of JYLED LED displays in commercial centers have become the main window of choice for city image and advertising. The strong visual impact attracts high attention, brings huge publicity effects, and also brings greater commercial value and benefits to investors.

Recently, Regent Optoelectronics has created a beautiful and dazzling “landscape” for Alaya Mall, the largest and most comprehensive shopping mall in Manila, Philippines. It uses the unique product characteristics of LED displays to combine fashion, dynamic and trendy visual elements. , and the design style of the shopping mall building presents more exciting things for the shopping mall.

According to the high-end architectural design and exquisite decoration inside the Alaya Mall, the KingFlex (PRO) 2.8, 180㎡ of Regent Optoelectronics’ indoor fixed product is used to create a three-sided right-angle display LED large screen, each screen supports completely zero It is installed in front of the bracket and fully maintained in the front; the advertising screen is beautiful in shape, flexible and changeable, with clear and realistic picture quality, showing a multi-angle visual space.

This KingFlex (PRO) LED large screen is responsible for the facade of Alaya Mall. It is mainly used to place news advertisements and internal information of the mall. It can be said to grab attention in the mall. Passers-by are all deeply impressed by this exquisite shape and high-definition display Attractive and creatively spliced LED advertising displays make the whole shopping mall feel completely new.

Innovation is the eternal theme of the times. The display screen project of Alaya Mall embodies the innovation of LED display solutions, not only showing the changes in external shape, but also the design elements of the whole project from technology to content. Under the trend of intelligent innovation, JYLED must also do a good job in technological innovation and upgrading, diversify design elements, combine new technologies, and make comprehensive solutions of creativity and taste to meet the application needs of different scenarios, Play its value color.


The Internet of Everything, the World on the Screen, JYLED is ready to go

Since entering the 21st century, the LED display industry has ushered in vigorous development, and the development of the industry has become more standardized, standardized and intelligent. Driven by the upsurge of the new era of Internet of Everything, 5G will boost the continuous optimization and upgrading of the LED display industry, bursting out Greater charm, realize interconnection, simulcast and joint control, and bring more opportunities for the development of the industry.

For the LED display, it is only a display carrier after all. It needs continuous technological innovation to strengthen its own rigid conditions, and it also needs to continuously integrate with surrounding supporting technologies, such as VR, AR and other emerging technologies, relying on 5G network. As a support, accelerate the development and innovation of LED display to a higher level.

With the continuous development and maturity of 5G technology, the trend of integration of LED display and 5G will continue to strengthen in the future. Display terminal complete. In the future, the integration of LED display and surrounding industries will extend to “LED display smart +” products. LED display products will also propose different solutions according to different scenarios, empowering the LED display industry and promoting the LED display industry. Constantly optimize and upgrade to create more possibilities!

When the LED display screen is large, connected with the network, combined with complex information, combined with detection signals, combined with VR systems, and interacted with people… What kind of situation will it be?

The creative display integrated with architectural/landscape objects has become a fashion that makes people linger for a stunning visual experience!

Combined with the mobile Internet, it becomes the entrance of O2O offline to online!

Combined with image tracking, paving, and identification technologies, and based on the naked-vision 3D LED small-pitch VR technology, the LED display will become the carrier of [accurate interaction], making display an experience!

Combined with touch and touch technology, the LED display will become a [large smart terminal]!

Smart display and control, interconnection and interaction, cluster control, remote monitoring

What is the future LED display?

The “big” smartphone

The “big” smart TV

“Big” cloud terminal

“Large” IoT terminal


With the advent of the 5G era, LED displays will be more widely used in interconnected displays, creating more application opportunities for display terminals. JYLED is also ready to seize the “window”, integrate resources, transform and upgrade, and move forward in combination with the characteristics of its own enterprise, carry out strategic planning and layout of the 5G market, continuously cultivate internal strength, enhance its own power, and develop in 5G technology. The application of high-quality display system solutions to create new brilliance.

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