JYLED: LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen with the trend

The times are progressing, technology is developing, and the application forms and fields of LED displays are constantly innovating. If the traditional “standing” wall LED display on the ground is quite satisfactory and lacks personality, and the giant LED sky screen suspended on the ceiling is “unreachable”, then the LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen that tile the ground and can realize human-screen interaction The screen has undoubtedly become a hot LED display subdivision product.

JYLED has been deeply involved in the market for many years. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of LED floor tile screens at home and abroad. It has successfully developed the industry’s first intelligent induction LED floor tile screen. Open up a new experience in the display field.

As a leader in the field of LED floor tile screens, what are the unique features of JYLED’s products?

The LED floor tile screen is born for the stage. Compared with the traditional floor lamp that can only emit light, the LED floor tile screen can not only play video and sound, but also realize the interaction of human screen induction. During the performance, it interacts with the conventional LED screen. Together, it can bring an immersive visual experience to the audience.

However, in traditional cognition, the viewing angle of the LED floor tile screen is deeply criticized, because the traditional stage has a high stage and a low audience seat, which directly leads to the impact of the line of sight, and it is difficult for the audience to see the stage floor clearly, and the LED floor tile screen changes. It is dispensable.Deeply cultivating the industry for many years, becoming the leader of LED floor tile screen.

With the prosperity of stage performances such as concerts, not only the stage forms have become diversified, but also various viewing methods such as live broadcast and rebroadcasting, which directly break the restrictions on the viewing angle of the audience, and let the LED floor tile screen gradually enter people’s field of vision. 

An indispensable and important role in performances such as major star concerts and cultural performances. Under such a promising development prospect, the LED floor tile screen that renders the excellent “dance” device has ushered in the spring of the market after several years of precipitation.

In this regard, the senior director of JYLED said: “From the perspective of the current market development, compared with the previous two years, the market demand for LED floor tiles in 2018 has greatly improved, which can be directly reflected from the sales performance of JYLED in the first half of the year. Come out. So far, JYLED’s orders have been placed in October, and sales have reached the expected sales target. As we all know, the second half of the year is the peak season for the entire LED display industry, so for JYLED, the target sales performance for the whole year of 2022 is achieved. There is almost no pressure.”

Of course, performance is closely linked to corporate strength. JYLED has been deeply involved in LED displays for many years, focusing on the research and development and production of LED floor tiles. At present, JYLED has more than 200 employees. As a high-tech enterprise, JYLED has a 4,000-square-meter standard workshop and a full set of advanced automatic assembly lines. The company’s R&D team and production management team are formed by industry veterans. The marketing concept of combining services and products will escort JYLED on the way forward for the enterprise.

After years of hard work, JYLED’s market share has gradually increased, and the company’s comprehensive strength has continued to improve. It has become a well-deserved leader in the field of LED floor tile screens.

LED floor tile screen house

Based on product development and innovation, creating a new era of interactive display

Since the LED floor tile screen is installed on the ground, it is common to be stepped on and run over by a car, which means that the market has stricter requirements on all aspects of products. As a leader in the LED floor tile screen industry, JYLED’s company The LED floor tile screen has more prominent product advantages in the entire industry. In terms of load-bearing capacity, the application of JYLED is the LED mask independently developed by the company to achieve the effect of dispersing the weight it bears. In addition, the lamp beads, IC, power supply and other raw materials of the product are all equipped with the industry’s top configuration, and the layers are checked.

The LED floor tile screen has its excellent load-bearing capacity. In addition, JYLED’s LED floor tile screen specially uses outdoor waterproof link devices, and is equipped with a non-slip waterproof groove, so that JYLED’s LED floor tile screen has the characteristics of high-quality moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-skid, etc., bringing safe and detailed picture enjoyment to the audience.

The core product of JYLED is the LED interactive floor tile screen. At the same time, JYLED is also the first LED floor tile screen manufacturer in the industry to develop built-in induction technology. JYLED’s LED interactive floor tile screen integrates the interactive technology inside the LED floor tile screen module. People stepping on a single module will produce interactive effects, especially in the case of crowded people, they can also display the interactive effects flexibly and freely.

For example, the 600-square-meter outdoor P8.928 LED interactive floor tile screen on the Erdos government square in Inner Mongolia is currently the largest outdoor LED floor tile screen in China. In addition, in planning halls and museums in Shanghai, Wuhan, and major cities, JYLED’s LED floor tile screens can be seen beautifully, bringing citizens an immersive viewing experience.

In addition to the conventional human-computer interaction on the ground, the LED interactive floor tile screen can also realize the interaction between the ground and the wall. Linkage interaction is composed of interactive LED floor tile screen and interactive LED background screen. In particular, the linkage display between the wall and the ground screen not only tests the splicing effect of the background screen and the ground screen, but also tests the technology of the video screen.

JYLE ground interactive LED floor tile screen and wall interactive LED display adopt advanced sensing and interactive solutions. The wall LED and the ground LED screen are connected through system software, and the display on the wall is controlled by the ground LED screen. The combined picture More fascinated and deeply rooted.

Break through the technical difficulties of small spacing and lead the new development of subdivision industries

In order to better develop the industry and bring higher-definition display effects to users, JYLED is gradually moving from conventional LED floor tiles to small-pitch LED floor-tile screens. In September this year, JYLED officially launched small-pitch LED floor tile products. Mr. Lv said frankly that the reason why the industry has not seen the emergence of small-pitch LED floor tile screens is that the distance between the lamp beads is too small, which has high requirements for R&D technology and application materials. 

However, as a high-tech industry, JYLED has always been on the road of product innovation. After unremitting efforts, it has broken through layers of obstacles and successfully developed a small-pitch LED floor tile screen that does not require any auxiliary materials. It’s also a big step forward.

In addition to the products at the forefront of the industry, JYLED’s marketing route to the company is also very clear. As the advantages of LED floor tile screens continue to highlight, in addition to being widely used in the field of stage art, LED floor tile screens are also widely used in emerging markets such as new retail, education industry, and sports fields. In addition, as the price of LED floor tiles continues to become more popular, in addition to the large demand for products in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, second- and third-tier cities are also open to LED floor tiles, becoming the main potential market for LED floor tile manufacturers.

To this end, in the future marketing strategy, JYLED will deeply cultivate the subdivision application field of LED floor tile screen. While ensuring the market share of first-tier cities, it will gradually radiate to second- and third-tier cities, and strive to achieve different application scenarios and different classes. Customer groups can provide corresponding LED floor tile screen product solutions.

Behind this, the R&D team of JYLED should not be underestimated. At present, there are 60 people in JYLED’s R&D team, all of whom are top-level senior talents who have worked in the industry for several years. They can continuously input fresh blood for the LED floor tile screen industry with high technology content. On the other hand, JYLED also attaches great importance to providing customers with comprehensive products and services. “JYLED has a professional product after-sales service team, who are distributed all over the country. As long as the customer has any product problems, we can be there at any time to provide him with timely product help.” JYLED senior sales director said.

Although JYLED has been at the forefront of LED floor tile screens, the pace of progress of the enterprise is still unstoppable. Whether it is from the quality of products, craftsmanship, or comprehensive services provided to customers, JYLED has always pursued excellence. It is believed that with the continuous expansion of the LED floor tile screen market, JYLED will occupy a place in the entire LED display segment.

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