LCD, LED, OLED, and mini LED what is the difference?

Many customers have such a feeling, in recent years the price of LCD TV is getting lower and lower, take a 65-inch 4K LCD TV, for example, 10 years ago, a 65-inch LCD TV needs at least 6000 yuan, and now the minimum need only 1300 yuan.

Due to the excess capacity of LCD, price competition is fierce, so there are many large LCD manufacturers began to target the LED market, and constantly increase the chips, making the whole Indoor Rental LED Display market competition is very fierce.


So like LCD, LED, OLED, and mini LED what are the differences between them? OUTDOOR LED RENTAL LED DISPLAY Let’s have a good understanding.

LCD is the most familiar to us “liquid crystal display”, in the three types of screen development history is the longest, the most mature technology, the price is naturally the lowest. But because the LCD is mainly composed of backlight, liquid crystal, color filters and other parts, resulting in LCD display color saturation is not as bright as OLED, because the contrast is not enough, not thin enough, can not be folded, bent, but also more power consumption.

LED means light-emitting diode, but in the industry, has defaulted to the equivalent of LED display. Since LCD cannot achieve seamless splicing, it is not suitable for large advertising displays. So LED successfully through their own advantages in the competitive display industry to stand still.

LED and mini LED
LED and mini LED

OLED is called “organic light-emitting diode”, the basic structure is indium tin oxide (ITO) glass on the production of a layer of organic material light-emitting layer, and in the light-emitting layer and then covered with a layer of low power function of the metal electrode. Compared with LCD, the biggest difference is the self-luminous, can be bent, ultra-thin, power-saving, good color, LCD’s weaknesses in turn is the advantage of OLED.

But OLED is not perfect, it also has a high cost, short life, easy to burn screen, the longer the more obvious color difference and other problems. In contrast, Mini LED as a “sub-millimeter light-emitting diode”, both LCD and OLED advantages, not only in power consumption, contrast can compete with OLED, its own inorganic light-emitting materials, so better stability and longer life.

In short, MiniLED backlight is an important innovation direction in the path of LCD technology. oled is an alternative innovation in display technology compared to LCD, MiniLED is an upgrade innovation of LCD, used to benchmark competitor led display screen.

Over the past 20 years, Japan and South Korea panel manufacturers have been the global panel display technology leader, after the LCD panel LCD, Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. and launched a more high-end OLED display technology, trying to lead the global panel industry again.

From LCD to OLED technology change on the road, a group of Chinese panel manufacturers represented by TCL Technology has chosen to focus on MiniLED technology, directly across Japan and South Korea’s OLED, to complete the bend to overtake.

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