LED electronic display production process and species

Nowadays, LED electronic displays in daily life can be seen almost everywhere. Whether it is a light pole screen on the road or a rental LED display for stage performances, how are these ubiquitous LED electronic displays made? Now let’s find out.

LED electronic display production process:

Leasehold LED display is being tested
Check the overall condition of LED rental box

a) Cleaning: Use ultrasonic to clean the PCB or LED bracket and dry it.

b) Mounting: After the bottom electrode of the LED die (large wafer) is prepared with silver glue, expand it, place the expanded die (large wafer) on the thorn crystal table, and use the thorn crystal pen to place the die under the microscope. One by one is mounted on the corresponding pads of the PCB or LED bracket, and then sintered to cure the silver glue.

c) Pressure welding: Use an aluminum wire or gold wire welder to connect the electrode to the LED die to serve as a lead for current injection. If the LED is directly mounted on the PCB, an aluminum wire welding machine is generally used. (The production of white light TOP-LED requires a gold wire bonder)

d) Encapsulation: Protect the LED die and bonding wires with epoxy by dispensing. Dispensing glue on the PCB board has strict requirements on the shape of the colloid after curing, which is directly related to the brightness of the finished product of the backlight. This process will also take on the task of point phosphors (white LEDs).

e) Soldering: If the backlight source is SMD-LED or other packaged LEDs, the LEDs need to be soldered to the PCB before the assembly process.

f) Cutting film: Die-cut various diffusion films, reflective films, etc. required for the backlight with a punch.

g) Assembly: According to the requirements of the drawings, manually install the various materials of the backlight in the correct position.

h) Test: Check whether the photoelectric parameters of the backlight and the uniformity of light output are good.


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