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LED Floor Screen

Pixel Pitch:P2.6mm| P2.9mm |P3.91mm | P4.81mm | P6.25mm

  • Led floor screen manufacturer
  • LED floor tile screen with built-in sensor system
  • Can follow human activities to present images
  • Enhance immersion and active participation
  • LED floor tile screens are widely used in events, such as concerts, sports events, and festival celebrations. They can be used as part of the stage for colorful visual effects.

LED floor screen high load-bearing performance

LED floor screen IP65 protection

protection grade

Thicker plates, safe bearing capacity of 1500kg/㎡,front and rear IP65 protection grade



200 sets of materials, 2 tons of load-bearing, scratch-resistant mask, high-definition, three-year warranty;

LED floor screen load-bearing
LED floor screen anti-slip

come with anti-slip

LED floor tile displays often come with anti-slip materials to ensure safety for visitors, even when the surface is wet or damp.


support heavy

The tiles also have a high load-bearing capacity, which means they can support heavy foot traffic without damage.

support heavy
P4.81 LED floor tile display screen,Interactive LED display screen

Advantages of LED floor screen

LED floor displays  several unique advantages, especially for businesses looking to create immersive experiences in indoor or outdoor environments.

front maintenance design
What is the difference between LED floor screen and LED display screen?

The basic principles of LED floor  screens and LED display screens are the same. They both use LED lamp beads to display images and videos. But they differ in application scenarios and forms.

LED display screens are usually independent large-screen devices that can be installed separately in indoor or outdoor environments. They are usually used in indoor and outdoor advertising, sports venues, stage performances and other places. The LED display screen is composed of multiple LED modules and can be spliced into screens of different sizes as needed. This kind of screen can achieve high-resolution, high-brightness and high-contrast display effects, and can play dynamic video and animation content to attract the audience’s attention.

The LED floor  screen embeds LED modules into the floor tiles to form an overall floor device. LED floor screens are usually used in indoor places, such as shopping malls, hotels, exhibitions, etc. It is similar to ordinary floor tiles and can withstand the load of people walking and furniture and other items, and also has a display function. The LED floor screen can display static images and text, and can also play simple dynamic content, such as carousel advertisements or animations. Compared with LED displays, LED floor  screens pay more attention to the combination with floor decoration, which can create unique visual effects.

To sum up, LED floor tile display screen and LED display screens are different in application scenarios and forms, and are suitable for different places and needs. The LED display screen pays more attention to the high-definition display of indoor and outdoor large screens, while the LED floor tile screen pays more attention to the combination with the ground decoration and has the function of information display.

5 advantages of LED floor tile display

LED floor tile screen five advantages

  • Anti-scratch mask design
  • Special mask, non-slip, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • More convenient installation and maintenance
  • 500*500 die-cast aluminum cabinet, front maintenance design
  • Easy to install, easy to maintain, faster and cost-saving

LED floor tile displays are modular, which makes them ideal for environments where there are irregular shapes or sizes. This allows businesses to create unique displays that conform to any desired shape or surface area.

What is the waterproof level of p4 outdoor LED screens?

Generally IP65 waterproof rating, some up to IP68 waterproof rating.

Is the outdoor led display durable?

The life span of the led outdoor display is about 100,000 hours, and it will do a very complete protection.

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