LED floor tile display screen

LED floor tile display screen

LED floor tile screen

P3.91 | P4.81 | P6.25

JYLED is a professional manufacturer of LED tile screen

LED floor tile display screen with built-in sensor system

Can follow the human activity to present the picture

Enhance the sense of immersion and active participation


PartItemIndoor P3.91 LED interactive floor tile screenIndoor P4.81 LED interactive floor tile screenIndoor P6.25 LED interactive floor tile screen
Pixel CompositionArrangement FormVertical
Pixel Pitch3.91mm4.81mm6.25mm
Pixel Composition1R1G1B(Three in one)
Lamp Bead ModelSMD1921(Chip Ratio3:6:1)
Physical Density65536 dot/㎡43264 dot/㎡25600 dot/㎡
Module/Box SizeModule Size250 W×250 H(mm)
Module Resolution64 W×64 H(dot)52 W×52 H(dot)40 W×40 H(dot)
Box Size500(W)×1000(H)mm
Box Weight20KG/Piece
Box Thickness8cm(Including module thickness)
Full Screen ParametersOut of control point≤3/100000
Unit Module Splicing SeamThe size of the splicing seams of the cell board gaps is the same, and ≤ 2㎜
Optimal Distance5-60m
Angle of ViewHorizontal 140°, vertical 140°
Surface RoughnessMaximum Error ≤ 2㎜
Ink Color of Screen SurfaceConsistent ink, no reflection
UniformityModule brightness is uniform, uniformity 1:1
Power supplyUse environmentUniversal indoor and outdoor
Working Humidity Range10-90% RH
range of working temperature-20-65 ℃
Maximum Power600W/㎡
Average Power300W/㎡
Control SystemControl host operating systemXP computer + control software and hardware + playback software and hardware
Control MethodSynchronize with computer VGA (display synchronization)
Control SystemDVI graphics card + full color control card + optical fiber transmission
Input MethodComputer and other peripherals,PAL/NTSC/SECAM, S-Video;VGA;RGB;Composite Video;SDI.
Screen function technical parametersLED DriverConstant Current Drive (16 scans)Constant current Drive (13 scans)Constant current Drive (10 scans)
Computer Display Mode640×480,800×600,1024×768
Refresh Rate2000hz
Grayscale/Color8192 level
Whole Screen Brightness 2500 cd/㎡
Service Life100000 More than hours
Display ContentVideo DVD, VCD, TV, images, text, animation, and others。
Continuous trouble-free working time≥10000H
InterfaceStandard Ethemer network interface, RS-422 communication
Communication medium, control distanceMulti-mode fiber <500m, single-mode fiber transmission <30km, Category 5 cable <100m
Protection TechnologyMoisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-lightning, and has the functions of over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage, and under-voltage protection
SoftwareGeneral LED video player software (conventional), customized player (intelligent sensor)

Strong and Sturdy

Thicker plates, safe bearing capacity of 1500kg/㎡
Front and rear IP65 protection grade

LED tile screen module waterproof performance is good

Strong load capacity

200 sets of materials, 2 tons of load-bearing, scratch-resistant mask, high-definition, three-year warranty

Strong load-bearing capacity
The floor tile of the LED screen can be arbitrarily trample

Stable performance

Anti-scratch mask design
Special mask, non-slip, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant

More convenient installation and maintenance

500*500 die-cast aluminum cabinet, front maintenance design

Easy to install, easy to maintain, faster and cost-saving

LED tile screen module waterproof performance is good
LED tile screen using magnetic maintenance method, more convenient and fast

Application Places

Floor tile led screens are widely used in stage performances,
event celebrations, exhibition halls, bars and discos.


Stage rental

TV station

shopping mall


application case

Some application effects of the LED floor tile display

Used in the scenic spots of floor tile of the LED screen
Use the floor tile of the LED screen at the scene of the wedding
Applied to the mall floor tile of the LED screen
Applied to the mall floor tile of the LED display

application Video