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At present, there are more than 4,000 LED display companies in China. There are more than 2,000 LED display companies in Shenzhen alone, and they provide 80% of the world’s LED displays. At the same time, the LED display is also a mixed industry, and the light pole display is very different from the LED display, but it has a certain relationship. Many LED display manufacturers think that the LED light pole screen is very simple and easy, and the box and the offline card can easily complete a product, resulting in insufficient brightness, high-temperature resistance, energy saving, intelligence, beautiful, waterproof, and too much. Heavy and other problems, so many LED light pole screen projects in the past two years have “died away”.

In fact, after receiving the LED light pole screen project, some LED display companies in the industry regard the LED light pole screen as a conventional LED display due to the low price and inexperience. If you don’t answer the phone, the customer’s project cannot be accepted, and even some projects will cost money to re-do later. Therefore, how to choose a high-quality LED light pole screen provider is an objective question, but the answer is very realistic: this manufacturer must have spare parts for LED light pole screens, and it is a series of spare parts.

  1. There are spare parts for the LED light pole screen, indicating that the design drawings of this style have been perfected, and each functional module (power supply, control card, photoresistor, audio, power-off products, power amplifier, camera, lock, wiring) is finalized The installation has been confirmed, the waterproof has been tested, and the software has been debugged many times. If there are no spare parts, then the drawings will have to be redrawn, the probability of problems is very high, and there is no guarantee what kind of problems will occur.

There are spare parts for LED light pole screens, indicating that the supply chain is mature and certain. In fact, the supplier determines 50% of the quality weight of LED light pole screen products, and the price is not inflated. If there are no spare parts, the suppliers are still uncertain, and the goods delivered to the customers will be sure to be wrong, so how can they cater to the market?

There are spare parts for LED light pole screens, when the project is urgent, you can respond to the customer as soon as possible. The product model and appearance of many projects need to be based on a visible object as a reference, and then improve and adjust on this basis, which is of great help to the customer’s project advancement. If there are no spare parts, it will take at least two weeks to make a prototype, and during this period, business opportunities may have been missed, and the loss will be immeasurable.

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