LED light pole screen counterparts low price competition, causing concern in the industry

Halfway through 2022, the overall situation of LED display manufacturers making LED light pole screen in the first half of the year is still strictly Jun, the industry reshuffle that has been advocated in the past to accelerate the evolution.Clear inventory and return capital is the core of the industry at the moment the consistent action of enterprises.

At present, price competition has entered a white-hot stage, which is no longer a problem of profit, is the problem of how much loss. Today you lose money to grab the market tomorrow and a big curry layout more low-cost strategy, resulting in a vicious circle in the LED display industry, knowing that it is the road of no return, but most enterprises are still forced to follow.

Smart terminal city LED light pole screen
Smart terminal city LED light pole screen

Although in the current environment filled with vicious competition, there are countless LED display companies have tried every possible way can not jump out of the inner volume circle. Low-price competition is immediately behind the low quality and cottage products, from the recently released display report shows that the recent LED display industry chip has been the low price of serious compression, outdoor display brightness is also from the original compression of nearly half, the price of the problem led to the stability of the system card is getting worse and worse, the quality of practitioners is getting lower and lower. These are the consequences of vicious competition, if this phenomenon is not blocked in time, the LED display industry will completely lose trust and opportunity.

In our opinion, the normal business logic should be better and better quality, more and more advanced technology, enterprises are profit-oriented, but in the LED light pole screen industry these instead of obvious. Now thinking about how to get over with competitors has become a lot of companies daily business project, when copying, theft has become a daily routine, claiming that the business in order to survive no way. When the perpetrators become victims, perhaps the industry really need a major reshuffle, major surgery, in order to set things right, from disorder to order.

smart street light pole led display
smart street light pole led display

JYLED after more than eight years of development, from the strict correction of their own, require staff, pay attention to customers as the starting point, has become a clear stream in the LED display industry, to LED light pole screen and LED advertising machine as the core product of digital signage prospects, in the current situation of this internal and external difficulties, JYLED repeatedly recruit open sales conference, once again stressed that adhere to the positioning, adhere to the quality, adhere to the product Stable development of the route must not waver, to always adhere to the creation of higher brightness, high-definition, energy saving, intelligent, beautiful, affordable products, in the future on the road to development, pay more attention to the research and development of new products, the use of advanced technology and materials, all the strength to return the LED display industry a blue sky.

JYLED has always believed that: the outdoor LED light pole screen and LED advertising machine, 7000CD brightness effect is the best, 85 degrees high temperature resistance before Stable, beautiful appearance is necessary, built-in functional diversification, the whole set of intelligent equipment is the trend, cost-effective is inevitable, as long as the LED display manufacturers can adhere to the original intention and business philosophy, to create customer satisfaction products, to meet market demand, the market will eventually return to rationality, but also to the responsible, ambitious enterprises a due return.

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