LED light pole screen helps the development of outdoor digital advertising market

In recent years, the outdoor commercial display market has also undergone innovation with the development of the Internet of Things and information technology, and the outdoor digital advertising market has also ushered in great changes. It is no longer traditional outdoor digital signage, and the content and form of display tend to be diversified. . Among them, the smart LED light pole screen has become one of the main forms of today’s major smart scenes because of its good outdoor application effect and product advantages.

In the past two years, the outdoor commercial display market has grown steadily, but the consumption upgrade and the wave of major technological innovations have caused the traditional outdoor advertising form to fall into a bottleneck. The emergence of LED light pole screens just broke this status quo, satisfies the application needs of consumers and simplifies the daily work of operators. There are LED light pole screens in communities, highways and streets.

The LED light pole screen is an outdoor terminal device that integrates the functions of the Internet, the Internet of Things, and remote interaction. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, lightness, fashion, high brightness, high color rendering coefficient, waterproof, explosion-proof, and lightning protection. With the advantages of high-definition highlight, intelligent brightness adjustment, intelligent heat dissipation and energy saving, and diversified display modes, LED light pole screens have achieved good results in various application scenarios.

As we all know, digital advertising is usually in public places with large traffic, so this is an important means for many businesses to build their corporate brand image and publicity. The LED advertising machine combines the Internet of Things and big data, and the LED light pole screen is more intelligent. It is mainly intelligent and extends to many fields, so as to show the form of intelligent communication, which also makes the LED light pole screen in the outdoor commercial display market. Has been recognized by many users and.

With the construction of smart cities, LED light pole screens have fully penetrated into various industries and are used as smart city display terminals to transmit various information, thereby further promoting a new model of urban development.

The significance of the 5G integrated pole smart street lamp renovation project

As we all know, the infrastructure construction of a city represents the management level and appearance of a city. At the same time, with the development of informatization and smart cities, major cities have also carried out smart street lamp renovation projects.

As a comprehensive pole equipped with WIFI, LED light pole screen, video surveillance, public broadcasting, electric vehicle charging pile, 5G base station, environmental monitoring, one-key alarm and other functions, the smart light pole can convert 80% of the poles on urban roads Combine many into one, and further rectify the appearance of the city. At present, there are many reasons for the presence of poles on urban roads, such as signal indication, monitoring, lighting poles, signs, road signs, etc., which can easily lead to:

1. There are many urban poles, which affect the appearance of the city

There are too many poles at urban road intersections, and all kinds of poles have various shapes, which are uncoordinated as a whole, affect safety, and affect the overall image of urban public space.

2. Duplicate construction and waste of resources

Different departments and different applications have successively added new rod equipment, resulting in the formation of urban roads and underground spaces with functionally stacked beds, complex and redundant nodes, and chaotic pipelines, resulting in low utilization of pavement and underground space and significant waste of space resources.

3. Decentralized and fragmented management

The ownership of each type of pole belongs to different competent departments, and each pole and its business applications such as power supply, network access, management, maintenance, etc. coordination” chaos.

4. There are many rods and low efficiency

The single function of the numerous road poles leads to the shortage of road space resources, and the space resources are occupied by each other for a long time. As a result, in the subsequent urban construction and upgrading, it is difficult to find one pole for equipment installation in new construction and renovation, and the comprehensive management efficiency is low and cannot be generated. Agglomeration benefits of centralized operations.

The use of smart light poles to integrate urban roads not only further improves the cleanliness, but also serves as the entrance of smart city construction. Smart light poles can collect various urban data through the onboard sensors to further improve digital urban management and improve urban management efficiency.

At the same time, the LED light pole screen mounted on the smart light pole can not only serve as an information release screen, but also serve as a traffic guidance screen, a municipal information release screen and an advertising screen. Intelligent advantages to improve the operational efficiency of the city.

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