LED light pole screen is gradually replacing the previous lighting street lights

LED light pole screen is an important part of the intelligent street light project, it directly affects the quality and image of the intelligent street light project, is the virtual intelligent street led display screen concept and people’s real experience between the connection bridge.

LED light pole screen matching intelligent street light mode has now become the norm in our lives. There is no doubt that wisdom street light matching LED light pole screen is a key entrance to our zero distance experience technology wisdom life.

LED light pole screen case
LED light pole screen case

What really makes people care is what they can experience and apply to. If you can’t feel it, it is the state of 0. Digital China, the concept of smart city has been “deeply rooted in people’s hearts”, but to this day, there are still many people think that this is just an impractical idea. The smart street light and LED light pole display is to let people feel the initial threshold of this goal has landed.

Intelligent life is intelligent, simple, technological life, in layman’s terms is to facilitate our daily lives to accelerate the technology-enabled lifestyle. Smart street light can be reasonably equipped with intelligent lighting, 5G micro base station, LED light pole screen, sensorless payment, intelligent charging pile, environmental sensors, traffic signal lights, violation capture cameras, video surveillance cameras and other equipment according to the actual needs of the site. Reasonable collocation makes the smart street light can be necessary and make the best use of it.

smart street light pole led display

Wisdom street light + LED light pole display to achieve more than a standard, but also a model, is a reference for the development of other wisdom life products. Wisdom street light from the selection of materials in to the LED light pole screen screen display technology, a variety of external electronic equipment are integrated environmental protection, energy-saving design, functional integration, the successful realization of the economic construction and ecological environmental protection coexistence.

Off-site multi-functional integrated applications can meet the different needs of people to a greater extent, the pursuit of a shorter time and faster way to achieve a variety of needs. Ensuring sustainable development in the future with functions covering our daily needs is the intelligent life people love.

It is the wisdom of these advantages of the light pole screen, making the field of intelligent street lighting this cake therefore attracts many LED display companies to enter the game, LED light pole screen as one of the great share has also become the target of competition, but how do companies to do in order to stand out among the major manufacturers, depending on how the enterprise in the quality and grade to choose, is the choice to focus on product development or choose to play crude Price war malicious competition to mess up the market, which determines whether the enterprise can develop in the long term, while looking for market focus, added value, focus on innovation and diversification, deep excavation of available elements, can help enterprises to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development.

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