Meet the Qatar World Cup! LED stadium display lights up the Lusail Stadium

Article Summary: Beijing time on November 21, 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup is about to open. Lusail Stadium will use the LED stadium display provided by Shenzhen LED display suppliers to broadcast the event.

LED stadium display lights up the Lusail Stadium

With the popularity of LED technology, LED display and display control system has become the standard for many international sporting events venues. As a representative of LED China’s intelligent manufacturing, Shenzhen LED display suppliers will work with a number of internationally renowned companies to provide LED display products for this year’s World Cup competition venues.

Guests are in the dining room watching the LED stadium display relay
Guests are in the dining room watching the LED stadium display relay

As one of the masterpieces, the large LED scoreboard created at both ends of the Lusail Stadium successfully lit up the hot green field, allowing the fans present to watch the score of the match in all directions.

Qatar’s climate is characterized by high temperature and strong sunlight, which requires the LED display used in this World Cup stadium to have better heat dissipation, higher brightness and other outstanding performance.

In order to provide a better viewing experience for fans on site, RENTAL LED DISPLAY SCREEN manufacturers through custom design LED display terminal case, module mask, driver IC and chip, to achieve a comprehensive product heat dissipation efficiency of more than 50%, the brightness is also greatly improved, not only to ensure long-term stable operation of the display, but also to ensure a clear display under strong light, so that the audience in all positions of the field can be integrated into the Enjoy the game.

LED display lights up the Lusail Stadium

In addition, the LED display terminal is equipped with a self-researched display control operation and maintenance platform, which realizes intelligent remote control of playback, broadcast and interactive systems during the event. As an important interactive medium for information release and audience interaction, it will become the best star of the “Stadium Atmosphere Group”.

Following the 2022 Beijing ice and snow event, FIBA Men’s European Cup and other major sports events, Shenzhen’s LED display manufacturers have relied on the high standard of requirements and services from program design, product customization to project site technical guidance, once again complete the “China Technology” high quality to the sea, among the eye-catching Chinese elements in this World Cup element in this year’s World Cup.

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