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Meet the Qatar World Cup! LED stadium display lights up the Lusail Stadium

Article Summary: Beijing time on November 21, 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup is about to open. Lusail Stadium will use the LED stadium display provided by Shenzhen LED display suppliers to broadcast the event.

LED stadium display lights up the Lusail Stadium

With the popularity of LED technology, LED display and display control system has become the standard for many international sporting events venues. As a representative of LED China’s intelligent manufacturing, Shenzhen LED display suppliers will work with several internationally renowned companies to provide LED display products for this year’s World Cup competition venues.

Guests are in the dining room watching the LED stadium display relay
Guests are in the dining room watching the LED stadium display relay

One of the centerpieces of the Qatar World Cup is the large LED scoreboard that stands at each end of Lusail Stadium. Despite the high temperatures and intense sunlight of the region’s climate, the screens have performed exceptionally, providing fans with clear, easy-to-see score displays from any angle.

To achieve this level of performance, manufacturers of rental LED displays custom-designed each element of the display, from the casing to the driver IC and chip, to optimize heat dissipation and brightness.

The result was a comprehensive product that boasts heat dissipation efficiency of over 50% and improved brightness. These measures not only ensure the long-term stability of the displays but also deliver clear and vivid images even under strong sunlight, thereby enabling all fans in the stadium to enjoy the game to the fullest.

LED display lights up the Lusail Stadium

Furthermore, the LED display terminal comes equipped with a self-developed control, operation, and maintenance platform that allows for intelligent remote playback, broadcasting, and interaction systems during events. As a crucial interactive medium for both informational releases and audience participation, it is poised to become the centerpiece of the “Stadium Atmosphere Group”.

Riding on the success of providing high-quality services and meeting stringent requirements at major events such as the 2022 Beijing Ice and snow event and the FIBA Men’s European Cup, Shenzhen’s LED display suppliers have once again showcased “China Technology” with their exceptional program design, product customization, and on-site technical guidance. Their contributions have added to the dazzling array of Chinese elements on display during this year’s World Cup.

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