P1.86 super HD LED display do large area resolution can reach 4K?

We hear the words 2K, 4K, and 8K all the time, but few of us know how big you have to be to get to 4K. Let’s take the P1.86 super HD LED display as an example to see how big you need to make it to 4K resolution.

With the improvement of living standards, people are pickier about display instruments, and more and more high requirements, from the movie projector to projector, LCD screen and then to our current display field favorite -LED full color display, display effect has been significantly improved, the price is also very affordable.

But now the LED is not as profiteering as a few years ago, now whether the production process or market positioning, the price has stabilized, gradually removed the profiteering hat, the price is gradually accepted by the public, has become a sharp weapon in the field of indoor and outdoor display!

Full-color display P1.86 is often installed in meeting rooms, exhibition halls, broadcast rooms and other close viewing places. P1.86 belongs to LED small spacing series, known as high-cost performance, module size is 320*160mm, a square of 288906 pixels.

When it comes to P1.86, the model of P1.875, which was the favorite in the meeting room last year, is also the “twin brother” of P1.86. The module size is 240*240mm and the pixel density of one square meter is 284444 points. The two effects are basically the same. All belong to the cost-effective products, which are very valuable to buy! With the LED screen price down, LED screens are more and more popular, and private!

P1.86 super HD LED display

If you want to make the P1.86 super HD LED display in 4K, how much area should you make it?

As we all know, LED display no matter how large the screen is composed of small modules, theoretically speaking, the maximum area of the LED screen is no upper limit, more can be done, as long as the space and budget are enough, whether 2K, 4K, 8K….. It’s all within reach.

The calculation method of 4K resolution of P1.86 super HD LED display

From the above introduction, we know that the module size of P1.86 is 320 mm*160 mm, and the resolution of the module is 172 *86 points.

We often say that the resolution of 4K is 3840*1920. We can divide 3840 by 172 about 22.33 pieces, and take the integer 23 pieces, 1920 divided by 86 about 22.32 pieces.

Take integer 23 pieces, 23*320mm=7360mm, this is the screen length, similarly 23*160mm=3680mm, this is the screen height, length 7.36m*height 3.68m=27.08㎡, P1.86 super clear LED screen 27.08㎡ can reach 4K resolution, Other LED display models are also suitable for this method.

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