interactive led floor

Pixel Pitch: P2.976mm/P3.91mm/P4.81mm

interactive led floor is a novel display product, which perfectly combines LED display technology and floor tiles to create a unique visual effect. It has the characteristics of unique design, high protection performance, durability and flexible installation.

Like most LED display products, it is suitable for a variety of application scenarios, such as squares, commercial blocks, scenic spots, entertainment venues, etc., to display advertisements, publicity information, navigation guidance, etc.



Flexible installation and customizable

The interactive led floor has various and flexible installation methods, and the cabinets can be arranged and combined to adapt to different places.

Moreover, personalized designs can be formulated according to the different requirements of users to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent.


interactive effect

LED floor tile screens generally add interactive effects to enhance the user’s sense of experience and participation. Generally, there are two ways: external radar and built-in chip. The former uses the principle of infrared induction to make the screen interact with people. The latter is controlled by software and triggers the corresponding interactive function when people touch the screen.


High protection performance&Easy maintenance

Due to the particularity of the installation location of interactive led floor, it is generally designed with special materials and structures to have waterproof and dustproof effects, and can withstand long-term use and the test of the external environment. At the same time, the particularity of the composition of the led display also makes it easy to maintain, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the floor led screen.


Energy saving&Environmental protection

interactive led floor also adopts LED technology, which has the effect of low power consumption and energy saving, and meets the standards of environmental protection. Because the display principle of LED is a light-emitting diode, it directly converts electrical energy into light energy, and it saves a lot of energy in the process.


Module size(mm)250×250
Module resolution(dot)84×8464×6452×5240×40
Cabinet size(mm)500×1000/500×500
Max.power consumption(w)800800800800
Average power consumption(w)400400400400
Cabinet weight(kg)25
Cabinet materialIron/Die-Casting Aluminum
IP rateIP31
Refresh rate(hz)1920/3840
Horizontal viewing angle120°
Vertical viewing angle120°
Input voltageAC110V-AC220V
Life span(H)100000


Product Document


It is a display device that is generally installed on the ground and has the same display principle as the LED screen.

Easy to clean. Just need to clean like normal floor.

At present, most of the interactive floor screens will directly use the built-in chip method, which has higher interaction sensitivity and accuracy, but the cost of this method will be higher; the external radar method can reduce the cost to a certain extent , but the sensitivity is not as good as the built-in chip, and the scanning range and application scenarios are limited.

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