p3 indoor led display

Pixel Pitch: P3mm

Introducing the p3 indoor led display – a revolutionary visual solution with exceptional image quality and clarity. Featuring a 3mm pixel pitch, this display ensures breathtaking detail and vibrant colors, capturing viewers’ attention effortlessly.

Designed for indoor environments, the P3 LED display offers high brightness and a wide viewing angle, guaranteeing clear visibility from any perspective. Its seamless performance and high refresh rate enable smooth video playback, perfect for dynamic content showcasing.

With its slim and lightweight design, the p3 indoor led display is easily installed and provides flexible mounting options. Not only does it offer cost-effective power consumption, but also reliable long-term performance.

The P3 Indoor LED Display Screen opens up endless possibilities, from captivating advertising to informative displays, delivering impactful messages and creating immersive visual experiences.

Experience the future of indoor displays with the P3 LED display.

It is widely used in commercial advertising, traffic guidance, outdoor activities, cultural and entertainment activities, tourist attractions, community advertising, building facade decoration and other places.



Premium p3 indoor led display Technology

Utilizes state-of-the-art P3 indoor LED display technology to provide vivid, accurate high-definition image quality and high contrast color reproduction for enhanced visual appeal.


Customizable indoor P3 LED display

Provide various customization options, such as screen size, installation method, logo, etc., to meet the individual needs of different customers and the layout requirements of different indoor environments.

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Various easy-to-use screen control methods

Users can easily control the settings and operations of the indoor P3 LED display by WIFI/USB/Cloud platform remote control/PC, so as to quickly realize content updates and adjustments.


Reliable stability and durability

The p3 indoor led display uses high-quality materials and reliable components to ensure long-term stable operation and durability in high-intensity use environments.

Through safety measures such as fire protection, anti-static and overload protection, the safety of indoor P3 LED display and the reliability of user use are ensured, and the average lifespan can reach more than 100,000 hours

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Energy-saving and efficient operation mode

Adopting advanced energy-efficiency design, the p3 indoor led display can save energy and reduce operating costs while providing excellent visual experience.


Titlep3 indoor led display
Pixel Pitch3mm
Panel Size960*960mm
Panel Resolution320*320 dots
Pixel Density111111(dot/㎡)
Encapsulation TechnologySMD
InstallationWall mounted/Hanging Installation/etc.
Max. Power Consumption1000w/m²
Average Power Consumption350w/m²
Cabinet Weight24kg/m²
Cabinet MaterialIron
IP RateIP31
Refresh Rate3840Hz
Frame Change Frequency50/60Hz
Horizontal Viewing Angle>140°
Vertical Viewing Angle>140°
Best Viewing Distance>3m
Input VoltageInput Voltage AC110V – AC220V
Module Max. Current6.0-7.5
Humidity-operatingHumidity-operating 10%~90%
Life Span≥100,000h


Product Document


The indoor P3 LED display has high definition, high contrast and vivid color display effect. The display is suitable for indoor environments and can provide clear images and videos in various scenarios.

The indoor P3 LED display is suitable for many occasions, including indoor advertising, meeting rooms, shopping malls, exhibitions, stage performances, etc. They can provide high-definition, high-contrast, and vivid color performance to attract the attention of the audience.

P3 stands for pixel pitch, which refers to the physical distance between two adjacent pixels on the LED display. In the indoor P3 LED display, P3 means that the pixel pitch is 3mm.

The resolution of the indoor P3 LED display refers to the number of pixels in each LED display unit. For P3 displays, the resolution is typically 111,111 pixels per square meter.

Indoor P3 LED displays usually support a variety of input signals, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc. You can choose an appropriate input signal source according to your actual needs.

Yes, the material of our LED display has been tested and inspected repeatedly, and it can work normally above 70 degrees Celsius

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