p4 video wall

Pixel Pitch: P4mm

Brightness: 4500cd/㎡-5000cd/㎡

p4 video wall is an electronic display installed in an outdoor environment, usually used to display advertisements, information, announcements or other content. They have the characteristics of waterproof, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, and UV resistance to adapt to various severe weather conditions.

It is widely used in commercial advertising, traffic guidance, outdoor activities, cultural and entertainment activities, tourist attractions, community advertising, building facade decoration and other places.



Various installation

p4 video wall have various installation methods such as wall installation, column installation, roof installation, and suspension installation. Among them, the first two are the most common, and are widely used by people to play various notifications and advertisements.


Various control methods

video wall can be connected to WIFI to control, and use other devices to transmit the content to be played to the screen; PC control, to transmit the content in the computer to the screen through a network cable; it can also realize 4G remote control, and can directly control the screen installed in other places at home.


High Brightness&High Refresh

The brightness of the outdoor display screen is generally about 4500cd, and can reach 5000cd in the highest case.

Under bright sunlight and high contrast conditions, the screen can still display bright and clear text or images;

when dynamic images need to be displayed, the high refresh screen can quickly update image content to avoid video stuttering or blurring and other phenomenon.


Protection design

p4 video wall It has perfect waterproof, windproof, dustproof and other protective designs to adapt to all kinds of extreme weather.

It can continue to operate in extremely cold temperatures of -40°C and high temperatures of 70°C, just customize special modules, power supplies and wires and take corresponding measures according to the engineer’s suggestions

P4, P5, P8, and P10 are common models of outdoor LED displays. Their differences are mainly reflected in the use of different LED modules, which is convenient for customers who need to achieve different viewing distance effects to choose.

Generally, P4 and P5 models of outdoor LED displays will be used for those with a relatively short distance, while P8 and P10 are suitable for medium and large-scale and large-scale occasions.

The following are the parameters of P4, P5, P8, P10 outdoor LED display:


Module size(mm)320×160
Module resolution(dot)80×4064×3240×2032×16
Cabinet size(mm)960×960
Max.Power Consumption(w)1000100010001000
Average Power Consumption(w)500500500500
Cabinet weight(kg)40
Cabinet materialIron
IP rateIP65
Refresh rate(hz)1920/3840
Horizontal viewing angle140°
Vertical viewing angle140°
Input Voltage AC110V-AC220V
Temperature-operating -10℃-60℃
Life span(H)100000


Product Document


Outdoor led display need to be waterproofed, and the brightness is generally higher. It is necessary to add various protections to adapt to some extreme environments, but indoor led displays do not.

Generally IP65 waterproof rating, some up to IP68 waterproof rating.

The life span of the led outdoor display is about 100,000 hours, and it will do a very complete protection.

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