Professional terminology of LED display

Some professional terminology to assemble the LED module

In contact with the LED module, we will need to use it with the relevant terminology, let’s see what are

LED module mask

module mask

The special design of the mask can be waterproof and prevent damage to the LED module caused by sunlight

Three-proof paint

A special glue that is waterproof, dustproof, and bumpproof

LED module waterproof ring

waterproof ring

Mainly used to enhance the waterproof ability of outdoor LED modules

Magnetic suction screw

Magnetic suction screw

It is mainly used for the flexible LED module, which is convenient for maintenance of LED module


integrated circuit

The IC is mainly the control current and the signal transmission, is equivalent to the computer's CPU

professional terminology to assembling LED displays

LED module

cell board

Also called LED module, it is the most important part of the LED display.

Meamwell LED power supply

power supply

Provides power output for LED displays and converts high voltage to lower voltage

Colorlight LED Receiving Card

received card

Used to control the output of the screen content, and can adjust the brightness, color, etc. of the screen

Sending Card

The sending card needs to be used together with the receiving card for data sending, screen debugging, etc.

Huidu 3 In 1 Video Processor

Video Processor

For some large and complex display image, it's necessary to cooperate with a video processor to process.

Brightness Sensor

When used outdoors, need brightness automatically conditions, can add up

LED Air Plug

Aviation plugs

Aviation plugs were first used in the aviation field. it is also a common accessory for LED displays.

Long Wire

long cable

Send a large amount of information from the computer to the LED module, and display the information

Short Cable

Short Cable

Shorter than the long cable, used for sharing data between LED modules and modules

power cord

Supply the current converted by the LED power supply to the LED module