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The led screen has become a form of promotion now, and many places are inseparable from the use of the led screen. Because of the colorful and gorgeous LED screen, it also attracts people’s attention. However, in the process of use, the led screen will also encounter the situation of Huaping. So, what is the reason for the flower screen on the led screen? How to solve it?

1. Screen Huaping

When the screen of the led screen is blurred, the general image cannot be displayed normally. At this time, we must first check whether the power supply of the led screen is normal, and it is necessary to ensure the strong power input of 220v.

2. The screen is not displayed normally

The professional of the led screen factory said that if the screen of the led screen is displayed abnormally, it is necessary to know whether the setting parameters of the led control card are correct. If the parameter settings are incorrect, there is no signal transmitted to the led display control card. of. In addition, check whether the communication of the communication line is normal.


3. The screen is black

Some users may encounter a black screen in the process of using the LED screen. The black screen may be due to a problem with the output or the heat dissipation of the chassis. Poor heat dissipation of the chassis will affect the temperature of the graphics card. This will result in a black screen on the display.

There are many reasons for the blurry screen on the LED screen. Users can also try to reinstall the system to see if it can be improved. Sometimes after restarting the computer, the screen can return to normal. If the user can’t repair it by himself, he can only ask professional maintenance personnel to help repair it. If it is a brand product, the general led factory has a certain maintenance period. During the maintenance period, you can return or exchange the goods, or you can apply for maintenance.

When the display screen fails, how does the factory generally check it? Under normal circumstances, the fault of the display screen is usually checked from the following aspects.

Fault 1: lack of color on the unit board

1. Check whether the 245 R.G data is output

2. Check whether the normal 595 output pin and the abnormal 595 input pin are connected.

Fault 2: The whole unit board does not light up (black screen)

1. If the horizontal direction of several consecutive boards is off, check whether the cable connection between the normal unit board and  haodidea the abnormal unit board is connected; or whether the chip 245 is normal.

2. If the vertical direction of several consecutive boards does not light up, check whether the power supply of this column is normal.

Fault 3: The row on the unit board does not light up

1. Check whether the line pin is connected with the 4953 or 127 output pin.

2. Check whether 138 is normal.

3. Check whether 4953 or 127 is hot or burnt.

4. Check whether 4953 or 127 has a high level.

5. Check whether the control pins 138 and 4953 or 127 are connected.

Fault 4: The unit board does not light up

1. Check whether 595 is normal.

2. Check whether the corresponding pins of the upper and lower modules are connected.

3. Check whether the 595 output pin is connected to the module pin.

Fault 5: The whole screen is not bright (black screen)

1. Check whether the power supply is powered on.

2. Check whether the communication line is connected or not. (Sync screen)

3. The synchronization screen detects whether the green light of the communication between the sending card and the receiving card is flickering.

4. Whether the computer monitor is protected, or the display area is black or pure blue. (Sync screen)

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