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Linsn LED Studio Software Download

Linsn LED Studio Software Download

Ledset Software Download

LEDSet Software Download

LEDset display debugging software can debug all models of LINSN video processors and sending boxes, and can also set the parameters of the LED display. It is currently the most widely used LED display control system on the market with a large accumulation of early technology.
LEDset can debug all driver chips currently on the market, including parameter settings for a variety of simple and complex LED screens such as conventional loaded LED displays, irregularly arranged LED displays, special-shaped LED displays, etc. It can also perform LED display connection and other functional LED display settings.

LINSN Video Processor

Linsn X100
X100 is specially designed for small fixed-installation LED screens. It is also a very cost-effective all-in-one video processor. It integrates a transmitter, video processor, and supports USB plug-and-play. It can carry up to 1.3 million pixels and supports a width and height of 1920*1080 pixels.
Linsn X200
X200 has the same functions and features as X100, but the loading capacity of X200 has been improved. It supports up to 2.3 million pixels, which is 1 million more pixels than X100, and supports a width and height of 1920*1536 pixels.
Linsn VX2000
X2000 is a professional two-in-one video processor integrating and sending. It uses advanced image processing technology and is convenient and simple to use. A single processor can support up to 2.3 million pixels and horizontally support 3840*1920 pixels.
Linsn X8208
X8208 device supports high-refresh(120Hz) 3D display, which can easily realize 3D display on ordinary screens; supports 4K input, three-screen output from any input video source, 10BIT color depth and other functions. A single device has 8 network ports, with a maximum load of 5.2 million pixels, a maximum width of 8192 pixels, and a maximum height of 4000 pixels.
Linsn X8212
X8212 and X8208 are both professional two-in-one video processors launched based on the needs of medium and large LED displays for the integration and debugging of control systems and video processors. It not only has all the functions of the X8208, but also increases the maximum pixel load, which is upgraded from the 5.2 million of the X8208 to 7.8 million.
Linsn X8216
If X8208 is compared to the regular version and X8212 is compared to the PLUS version, then X8216 is the MAX Pro version. X8216 has all the functions of X8208 and X8212, and has once again upgraded the maximum pixel loading, with the maximum loading reaching 10.4 million pixels. ​
Control System
Linsn Led Studio

Linsn LED Studio

LEDstudio is a set of tools for controlling LED display playback specially developed by Linsn for LED displays. You can create LED programs and edit existing programs. It can run under operating systems such as WIN98, WIN2000, and WINXP. It supports multiple displays and is suitable for novice users. The operation is relatively simple.

  • Support PPT format file.
  • Edit file (Supported media file formats: Document: .txt .doc etc; Photo: .BMP .JPG .GIF .PCX .PNG etc; Video: .MPG .MPEG .MPV .MPA.AVI .VCD .SWF .RM .RA .RMJ .ASF etc.)Photo: display pictures in different effect and action; realize multiple picture display pattern: picture in picture etc. Web page: link the URL to show web page.
  • Txt window: font, background, speed etc can be customized; show txt over the top of video.

Linsn TS802D Function Introduction

Linsn TS802 sending card is developed based on the seventh generation upgrade. It adds some new functions that are not available in the seventh generation. The functions are more powerful, the system is more stable, and it can be mixed with the seventh generation system.

1. The maximum number of clicks supported by the Linsn TS802 sending card is 2048*640.
2. Multiple TS802 sending cards can be connected in series. The sending cards connected in series support large LED displays.
3. In the transmitter settings, the sending card can rotate at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees.
4. One sending card can control multiple monitors at the same time to achieve multi-screen combination, synchronous display, and independent playback.

Linsn TS802D
Linsn RV908M32

Linsn RV908M32

Linsn RV908M32 is a product specially designed for standardized manufacturers. It does not require an adapter board design. It is equivalent to the adapter board of RV901 plus HUB75 (supports 32 scans). The specific functional characteristics are as follows:

  1. There are 12 hub75 interfaces onboard, no additional hub card is required;
  2. Support 12-bit HDMI color input (requires 9th generation sending card);
  3. Using an 18-bit signal processor, it supports a maximum of 18-bit (260,000) grayscale (one each of red, green, and blue);
  4. A single card can output 24 sets of RGB data, supporting a maximum of 1024×768 pixels;
  5. Supports pixel-by-pixel brightness and color calibration and single-card color space conversion;
  6. Supports universal driver ICs and most PWM driver ICs;Supports hot backup of dual receiving cards to meet screens with higher performance requirements;

LED Linsn Logo

Shenzhen Linsn Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It has been committed to the development and manufacturing of high-tech products for many years and provides customized services for LED display solutions. The company has strong technical strength and has its own core technologies in many fields such as LED display, multimedia technology, digital terminal products, network technology, computer software, network communications, and automatic control.

Especially in terms of control system, which is the core of LED display technology, both software and hardware are the industry benchmarks. They are also the setters and arbiters of LED display standards and have absolute say.

Linsn LED control system includes: full-color synchronization, full-color lighting, full-color asynchronous, two-color synchronization, two-color asynchronous, etc. This system has been adopted by thousands of LED display factories at home and abroad, and its supporting LED Studio control software has been well received by users for many years.

Linsn LED control system has excellent performance, reliable quality and high cost performance, so it has accumulated a large customer base. In the future, we will continue to provide you with high-quality and complete LED products and services wholeheartedly.

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