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Shenzhen Guochao LED Night Show Transparent Magic Screen Case Show by JYLED

On June 1st this year, Shenzhen Guochao LED night show transparent magic screen was officially launched. With the novel and unique display form of full transparency, ultra-high definition and combination of virtual and real, it stood out from many traditional bars and became a new trend in the industry.

LED Night Show Transparent Magic Screen
LED Night Show Transparent Magic Screen

▲Multi-screen linkage, active atmosphere and dynamic effect

As the post-90s and 00s become the core of the new generation of consumption, in recent years, the demand for entertainment, interaction and visual experience has continued to grow, and the bar industry is also undergoing earth-shaking changes. The pursuit of fashion, coolness, technology, trend, and personalized experience has gradually become a new trend in the transformation and development of the bar industry. Traditional bars can no longer meet all the needs of the new generation in terms of atmosphere creation and audio-visual experience.

As we all know, the bar is an entertainment scene that emphasizes experience, and the atmosphere creation often determines the flow of people and the experience of customers. However, the creation of the bar atmosphere mainly depends on the cooperation of lighting, sound and screen. The traditional LED screen and other display solutions are expensive due to high costs. , heavy weight, low resolution and other reasons lead to greatly limited use in night games.

At the same time, because of its opacity, it cannot meet the increasing demand in terms of space layout and design creativity, and can no longer meet the growing demand for creative display of bar customers. As a result, there will be no atmospheric light and ambient light on the stage, and the atmosphere of the scene is not harmonious enough. Presents the perfect stage effect.

▲Virtual DJ replaces live DJing around the clock

Due to its fully transparent, ultra-high-definition, full-color, and ultra-thin dynamic display effects, the photon night transparent magic screen greatly makes up for the shortcomings of traditional display solutions. The stage frame, combined with the characteristics of the STADIUM OUTDOOR LED SCREEN itself, such as transparency, thinness, and wide viewing angle, can be used as a stage setting. The combination of virtual and real can produce more shocking visual effects. At the same time, it can give full play to the designer’s creative ideas and render a more unique creative atmosphere and dynamism.

At present, another important pain point in the nightclub industry is that the cost of DJs is too high, the time for DJ performances is often limited, and the selection of DJs is not enough, resulting in a lack of atmosphere in the bar scene.

For this reason, JYLED’s original LED night show transparent magic screen uses a virtual DJ scene to go online, which is difficult to distinguish between true and false, without any labor cost, all-weather substitute for live DJing, and DJ image can be switched arbitrarily.

Virtual djing DJ

▲Let’s take a look at the cool photon virtual DJ DJing scene below!

The application advantages of transparent magic Floor LED Display in the bar at night

Cool display effect of full transparency, ultra-high definition, a combination of virtual and real, floating and three-dimensional

LED night show transparent magic screen can be constructed according to the diverse stage needs of the bar. The floating screen design can not only better show the overall depth of the stage, but also leave space for the suspension and playback of lights so that the entire stage can be presented with a certain sense of atmosphere and dynamic effects, so as to express more rich theme elements.

In addition, the product also has the characteristics of full transparency, high definition and full color, even in a complex lighting environment, the display effect will not be affected at all. When the product is not in use, it is basically invisible, and when it is lit, it appears as if floating in the air, immersing customers in it.

Ultra-thin, flexible customization to meet the diverse needs of scenarios

Compared with the conventional screen, the LED night field transparent magic Indoor Rental LED Display has the characteristics of a flexible display, which makes it easier to realize various creative shapes. Operators can customize according to their actual needs, design different theme styles, create a city landmark entertainment scene, provide customers with a better experience, enhance the image of the bar, attract customers and increase operating profits.

Low power consumption saves operating costs

Compared with the LED transparent display, the power consumption of the LED night field transparent magic screen is relatively small, and there is no need to add additional air conditioners to dissipate heat. In addition, the power consumption of the projection used in combination is not large, and the power loss can be completely offset by the advertising benefits. The display is an extension.

In the era of fierce competition in display technology, transparent display technology has been further improved. From the initial simple design to the perfect match of the transparent screen with the bar stage and lighting, the application of the transparent screen in the bar has become more and more mature and more brilliant, and it has also set off a cool trend of transparent screen applications in the bar industry. , its novel visual experience not only increases the exposure rate and repeat rate for the bar’s own brand image but also brings benefits to the improvement of the bar’s operating efficiency.

JYLED has scientific management, first-class service and a high-quality professional R&D team, which is a strong guarantee for high-performance and high-quality products. In the future, more AR, AI and other technologies will be integrated, and relying on the in-depth understanding of the bar scene, we will continue to introduce new ones. , enabling the operation of bar venues.

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