Smart city light pole screen makes the city more intelligent and convenient

The smart city light pole screen is a newly created branch, the main outdoor led display field, especially the recent fame of intelligent street lights, 5G integrated pole, etc., is a mutually beneficial symbiosis with the light pole screen two-way preferred cooperation object, the combination between the two can not only play a better functional effect, but also become a smart city in the high value of wisdom projects, beautify the city appearance.

The speed of development in today’s era is obvious to all, with the rapid advancement of smart city construction, so that many things in our lives have changed to varying degrees, and the freshness of life has become more and more intense.

smart street light pole led display
smart street light pole led display

In the context of such a comprehensive innovation era, must be timely control of the timing, LED light pole screen take this opportunity to wave goodbye to the past, officially promoted to the outdoor display industry “baton”.

Under the continuous construction and development of the smart city, the city’s lighting system also follows the modernization, as a major symbol to show the image of the city, need to meet the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, through the use of high-tech to achieve the purpose of intelligent outdoor lighting construction.

Among them, “LED light pole screen + intelligent light pole” has great development prospects and strong competitiveness, both in terms of intelligent building and outdoor advertising media form innovation and in terms of advertising precision customization, big data acquisition and comprehensive utilization.

Therefore, this piece of cake in the field of intelligent street lighting also attracts many enterprises to enter the game, Led Poster Display light pole screen as one of the great share has also become the target of competition, but how to do enterprises to stand out in the major manufacturers, it depends on how the enterprise in the quality and grade to choose, is the choice to focus on product development or choose to crude play price war malicious competition to mess up the market, which determines whether the enterprise Can long-term development, while looking for market focus, added value, focus on innovation and diversification, deep excavation of available elements, can help enterprises to achieve comprehensive sustainable development.

smart street light pole led display
Power-on test LED lamp pole screen

Today, smart city light pole screen products have been set up in all corners of the city, in the smart city led by 3D, VR and other emerging technologies continue to mature, and LED display intergration can achieve more possible display effects for the smart city to provide a more comprehensive, accurate, efficient management, applications and services. The lighter, more energy-efficient, more intelligent, more beautiful, more market development advantages of the product has become the development of the major LED screen enterprise goal.

It is no exaggeration to say that the LED light pole screen has a unified construction, unified management, open sharing characteristics, in the intelligent street light layout of today’s increasingly rapid pace, and the original intention of the construction of smart cities coincide.

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