LED Light Pole Screen

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Smart city LED light pole displays P3, P4, and P5 can control the LED cluster information release system through the intelligent cloud.

It is a network digital community interactive space built to serve the residents of the country’s vast communities, creating an LED advertising network, intelligent transportation, Digital intelligent community, smart community.

Smart city LED light pole display
LED Light Pole Screen
Practical scope

The smart light pole LED display can be widely used in urban pedestrian streets, subways, stations, shopping malls, communities, airports and other areas.

At present, smart light poles have appeared in the construction of smart cities in many countries around the world, including developed countries such as the United States, Sweden, Germany, and France, and Asian countries such as China, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.

However, the construction of smart street lights in most countries is still in the stage of small-scale exploration, and the penetration rate is relatively low. According to a survey report released by a consulting company in October 2019, there are approximately 320 million street light poles in the world, of which Asia accounts for 25%, and Europe and North America account for 20%. However, LED street light poles are very popular in the world, but the penetration rate is still less than 15%.

smart LED Light Pole Screen

A smart light pole is a kind of multi-functional integrated light pole, distributed in urban streets, parks, scenic spots, communities, science and technology parks, and other outdoor places. It uses street light poles as a carrier and combines advanced technologies such as the Internet and the Internet of Things to integrate convenient equipment and information collection.

Subsystems such as equipment, emergency alarm equipment, and information release equipment can effectively integrate public resources to meet the needs of road lighting, mobile communications, public security monitoring, weather monitoring, and traffic management. Especially in the context of 5G construction, smart light poles can not only provide systematic and integrated global perception services for the operation of smart cities but also provide high-quality site resources for 5G deployment and further improve the living standards of urban residents.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the central government has frequently introduced policies to avoid economic recession, and “new infrastructure” has received widespread attention as an important tool for hedging economic downturns and reshaping economic growth. In particular, the new type of infrastructure based on 5G has spurred the upsurge of smart city planning and construction across the country.

As the entry point for the construction of smart cities, the smart light pole project has entered the pilot stage in many provinces and cities in China but has not yet been fully promoted, and the related product market has not yet exploded. As one of the important application scenarios of LED display in the future, the promotion speed of smart light pole affects the expansion speed of LED display in new fields. Only by solving the popularization of smart light poles, LED displays can achieve better and faster development in this important segment.

LED Light Pole Screen

The LED light pole screen is an outdoor terminal device integrating the Internet, the Internet of things, remote interaction, and other functions. It can accurately control the terminal LED advertising player, adapt to Windows, Android, IOS systems, and have a remote power supply, power failure, timing switch machine, and digital screen Synchronization, ambient light sensing, real-time environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, noise, PM2.5, PM10) and other functions;

LED light pole screen product features:
1. High brightness: outdoor brightness can be adjusted 5000-7500CD; (automatic adjustment)
2. Waterproof: professional outdoor waterproof structure design, protection level IP65
3. Heat dissipation: unique heat dissipation treatment, safe and durable, without air conditioning, saving cost and space
4. Play: support 90% of the media formats on the market
5. Control: 4G/WIFI/LAN multiple data connections to achieve cluster control, which can be updated anytime and anywhere through mobile phones, tablets, and computers
6. Maintenance: modular design, point light source illuminates, can realize single module, single pixel replacement, and maintenance
7. Customization: single or double-sided, can realize GPS positioning, camera real-time monitoring, automatic brightness, temperature adjustment, etc.

LED Light Pole Screen

Powerful program editing and task concurrent functions: it can meet the needs of various project engineering applications and different industries;
Convenient management: cluster management, supports multi-level grouping of terminals and users, and supports multi-level permissions settings for users;
Easy to expand: Modular design is convenient for software function expansion; hardware supports distributed deployment, and expansion servers can be set up when the server is under load; expansion servers can support 2000 terminal connections online at the same time, and support system background upgrades;
Multiple networking methods: support various networking methods such as wired and wireless (WiFi, 3G, 4G);
Real-time information release: immediate release of emergency information; automatic generation of playback logs;
Content split-screen display: One screen can play text, video, and pictures at the same time;
Fixed-point delivery function: fixed-point playback, different content can be played on the same screen, and the same content can be played on different screens;
Basic function settings: the screen brightness can be adjusted in the background, and the audio volume level and the software version can be upgraded with one key;

Actual use effect

Smart city LED light pole display
Smart city LED light pole display
Smart city LED light pole display

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