Soccer event-specific screens shine in Qatar Made in Shenzhen LED display manufacturers

Article Abstract: “Made in Shenzhen” in advance of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This year’s World Cup, Shenzhen LED display manufacturers to provide the soccer event-specific screens and stadium LED display so that the world can enjoy the development of Chinese technology.

Made in China for the World Cup
Russell stadium is Qatar World Cup stadium

According to the authoritative Chinese CCTV news media CCTV report, recently in Qatar World Cup final venue Lusail Stadium, staff busy with the final adjustment of the LED display, and the total area of more than 70 square meters of large display, is from the Shenzhen LED display manufacturers.

According to the person in charge of the led display screen manufacturer, “This is the first time the World Cup held in the Middle East countries, in order to adapt to the high temperature and sunlight environment in Qatar, we improved the screen’s heat dissipation efficiency, while reducing the audience’s visual blind spot. The project team used a specially designed case to make the screen lighter and thinner, improving the heat dissipation efficiency by more than 50%.

Through Soccer event-specific screens to watch the game
Through Soccer event-specific screens to watch the game

In addition, we know that the general viewing angle of the conventional LED display is 170 °, but through a special custom chip and mask, so that the LED display screen viewing angle increased, so that the audience can see the screen display effect of 360 degrees without dead ends.

It is no coincidence that in the training ground next to the World Cup Fixed indoor Display Screen stadium, also made in Shenzhen, the bleacher seats are also noticed, this set of telescopic movable bleacher system, through the modular design, can be moved or removed as a whole. Not only the performance is flexible, but also the design is just right, so sitting on it will make people feel very comfortable.

The main person in charge of the company also said that the grandstand seats are ergonomic and aesthetic compared to the traditional seats, and they are outstanding in UV resistance and heat resistance and aging resistance, which fully meet the strict requirements of FIFA for Qatar World Cup seating system.

Not only large items such as LED displays, in fact, from the World Cup 32 flags to speakers, whistles, from soccer to jerseys, scarves, the Hercules Cup ornaments and pillows, “made in China” almost everywhere, it contracted the entire World Cup of all peripheral goods market share of 89%, which makes many countries This is unparalleled by many countries.

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