Soccer event-specific screens shine in Qatar Made in Shenzhen LED display manufacturers

Article Abstract: “Made in Shenzhen” in advance of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This year’s World Cup, Shenzhen LED display manufacturers to provide the soccer event-specific screens and stadium LED display.

Made in China for the World Cup
Russell stadium is Qatar World Cup stadium

As reported by authoritative Chinese news outlet CCTV, staff at Lusail Stadium, the venue for the Qatar World Cup final, are currently making final adjustments to the LED display panels. The displays, which have a total area of more than 70 square meters, were manufactured by a leading LED display manufacturer based in Shenzhen.

The manufacturer’s spokesperson explained that this is the first time the World Cup is being held in a Middle Eastern country and, to adapt to Qatar’s high temperatures and sunlight, the company has improved the screens’ heat dissipation efficiency while reducing visual blind spots for the audience.

The project team developed a specially designed casing that makes the screens lighter and thinner, helping to improve heat dissipation efficiency by over 50%.

Through Soccer event-specific screens to watch the game
Through Soccer event-specific screens to watch the game

Moreover, it’s worth noting that the viewing angle of a conventional LED display is generally limited to 170°. However, through the use of custom-designed chips and masks, this particular LED display’s viewing angle has been expanded to 360°, providing a seamless visual experience for the audience with no dead spots.

Adjacent to the World Cup indoor display stadium, another structure made in Shenzhen has also caught the eye of spectators: a set of telescopic bleachers that can be moved or removed as a whole. This modular design not only allows for greater flexibility in performance but also offers exceptional ergonomic comfort. The seats are highly resistant to UV, heat, and aging, meeting FIFA’s stringent requirements for Qatar World Cup seating systems.

It’s worth noting that “made in China” can be seen in various aspects of the World Cup, from the flags representing each of the 32 participating countries to the sound systems, whistles, soccer balls, jerseys, scarves, and even cup ornaments and pillows. In fact, “made in China” products account for a staggering 89% of the overall World Cup peripheral market share, an unparalleled achievement for Chinese manufacturing.

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