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This series of products is a high-end product in the indoor high-definition LED display series. It selects key materials such as high refresh IC, SMD LED, wide-format high-quality power supply with PFC function, die-cast aluminum box, etc., dynamic scanning mode, the screen brightness can reach 800- 2000nits,high contrast, high quality, unique appearance, safety, stability, reliability, and quick response.

It is suitable for fixed installation occasions in the fields of military and public security, energy, urban management, public information release platforms, transportation and transportation, radio and television, theaters, corporate video conferencing systems, and medical/education.

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Why JYLED Stage LED Screen

Rental LED Video Walls In Stage Concert Theatre

JYLED only choose high quality LED parts to ensure P2.604 outdoor rental LED screen with high reliability and maintenance friendly. The LED Part includes 1pcs high efficiency LED display power supply, 1 pcs PCB for replace module flat data cables, 1pcs LED display mini receiver card, 2pcs signal wire, 2pcs power plug, 1pcs RJ45 ethernet cable, 1pcs indicator.

All LED display materials are high quality and simple for assembling. the LED display cabinet can be assembled well in just a few minutes. please check the following video for better information.

Stage Leased LED Display For You

stage rental LED screen 500×500mm LED screen is one product of JYLED magnesium alloy 500mm series LED display, this series rental video display is JYLED latest hot selling product with many technological innovation, the product is high refresh rate, high contrast radio and high reliability with seamless image and clear video.

JYLED stage rental LED screen is designed with high hardness magnesium alloy material and high quality SMD LED display panels to make it has the ability to deliver excellent visual experience for viewers.

Rental LED Video Walls In Stage Concert Theatre

JYLED: Your Professional Stage LED Screen case

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