Tell you how to choose LED transparent screen reasonably

With the rapid development of LED transparent screen, LED transparent manufacturers have also sprung up, and the quality of their products is also uneven. So how to choose LED transparent screen, what are the factors that affect the price of LED transparent screen. Let’s learn together:

1. Please don’t just look at the price when buying a transparent screen

Price is an important factor affecting the sales of LED transparent screens. Although everyone understands the principle of getting what you pay for, you will still prefer low prices when choosing transparent LED screens. The huge price difference leads to the neglect of quality. In the actual use process, the probability of poor contact, dead light and short circuit is greatly increased.

2. “The same model” is not necessarily the same product

In the process of selling LED transparent screens, I often encounter customers who say, why is the price of your home so much more expensive than others for the same type of display screen. Because the quotations to customers are all quoted according to the company’s channel price, these are all formal quotations, and the product quality and materials are reliable. If the quotation is low, it is more likely that a product uses inferior materials, such as the use of unknown lamps. Bead brand, resulting in color cast, dead lights, and greatly reduced service life.

For example, the use of unknown power supplies, low power efficiency, and serious heat generation also seriously restrict the display effect and normal service life of the screen. These are all things to consider.

3. The technical specification parameter value is not as high as possible

Customers will choose several LED transparent screen manufacturers for evaluation, and then decide on LED transparent screen suppliers. The two important items in the comparison are the price and technical parameters of the LED transparent screen. In the case of similar prices, technical parameters become the winner. Many customers think that the higher the parameter value, the better the quality of the display. Is this actually the case?

Actually not, for example, it is also a P7.81 transparent screen, in terms of the brightness value of the display screen. Some manufacturers will write 2000cd/square meter, and some manufacturers will write 1500cd/square meter. Because the indoor LED screen brightness requirements are not high, generally between 800-1500. If the brightness is too high, it will be dazzling and affect the viewing.

In terms of service life, it is easy to overdraw the life of the transparent screen in advance if the brightness is too high. Therefore, reasonable brightness is the correct solution, not the higher the brightness, the better. And the high-brightness models are generally much more expensive. We must choose a reasonable product according to the actual use environment and purpose.

4. The production and inspection of transparent screens are not as short as possible

Many customers who buy LED transparent screens just want to get the goods immediately after placing the order. This feeling is understandable, but the LED transparent screen needs at least 48 hours of aging and lighting tests after the production is completed, to check the color cast and dead light problems, and to ensure that the problems are solved before shipment.

5. Whether the LED transparent screen is side-emitting or positive-emitting
The first is: LED lamp bead is emitting light mounting process, this kind of lamp bead is relatively large, the front of the lamp bead is attached to the pcb board, the permeability is lower, and the brightness is lower (depending on the type of lamp bead) The brightness is generally between 800-3000, and the brightness also determines the clarity. The higher the brightness, the higher the clarity. The same is the positive light-emitting process, the equipment is not the same and the price is not the same.

The second is: LED lamp bead side light-emitting mounting process, this kind of lamp bead is relatively small, the side of the lamp bead is attached to the pcb board, the transparency is higher, and the brightness is higher (depending on the type of lamp bead). Generally between 3000-5500, the brightness is high and the definition is relatively high. The same is the side lighting process, and the price of the equipment is not the same.

6. The outer frame material of LED transparent screen
The first category: low cost of iron raw materials, poor heat dissipation, easy to rust, and bulky. The second category: aluminum profiles have the advantages of moderate cost, good heat dissipation, light weight, flexible customization, and a wide range of uses. The third category: Die-cast aluminum has high cost, heavy weight, poor customization, beautiful appearance and suitable for leasing.

7. Whether it is a customized product

Custom LED transparent screens are more expensive. All kinds of accessories for standardized products have been formed, with strong versatility and fast delivery. The disadvantage is that some environments are really inappropriate, such as arcs, cylinders, and triangular shapes, because each piece of glass has a different scale, and every screen can be matched to the glass. So there are customized products: appearance color, scale, wire, drawing design are all customized according to customer needs. This kind of production cycle is long, and it is only suitable for the customer’s current project, and other projects are not universal.

8. LED transparent screen brightness
Low brightness is more suitable for indoor use (1000 brightness can be satisfied), and the picture quality is also acceptable. If the indoor light is brighter and the screen brightness is very low, the brightness of the light will cover the picture quality and clarity of the screen, and the playback effect will be unclear. Therefore, more professional LED transparent screen manufacturers will recommend higher brightness (brightness over 2500) to customers. Outdoors, the light is usually stronger during the day (over 400

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