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The 5G era makes LED display shine in the advertising industry

In terms of the profound impact of the wide application of 5G technology on all aspects of social and economic life, and the advertising industry as an important means of serving economic development, how to prepare for creativity, technology, scenarios, equipment, etc., to jointly discuss the post-epidemic era New opportunities, new challenges and new opportunities brought to the advertising industry.

A number of experts and scholars from the Guangdong Advertising Association and the advertising field attended the meeting as heavyweight guests, and they all started from their own fields and expressed their wonderful opinions one after another. Among them, the senior marketing director of Shenzhen JYLED attended the LED display meeting as a representative of the LED advertising screen field.

5G LED display

The senior marketing director of JYLED pointed out that the development of the 5G era will form a pattern of interconnection of all things, and many information resources can be shared in real time. As a new technology, data transmission will break the bandwidth limit. In the past, LED displays could not The data transmission achieved will be easily realized in front of 5G, which puts forward higher requirements for the image quality of LED display screens, and the screen resolution requirements will also become higher and higher.

In 5G, an LED display not only needs to achieve fast data transmission but also needs to achieve a clear display of image quality. LED display 5G+8K will be a trend in future development, and the arrival of 5G will prompt the LED display to usher in a comprehensive optimization and upgrading of the industry.

At the same time, it also conveys JYLED\’s confidence in the win-win cooperation between LED display and 5G technology and its long-term concept of helping the development of the advertising industry. It hopes to give full play to the synergy advantages of the upstream and downstream of the LED display industry chain and jointly promote the development of my country\’s advertising display equipment products in the 5G era. Innovation and sustainable development.

With the theme of “turning the epidemic into an opportunity and seeking common development”, this conference will share the development achievements of China\’s outdoor advertising, deeply discuss the development trend of China\’s outdoor advertising industry, tap the new needs of advertisers, and make suggestions for the development of China\’s outdoor advertising.

The speech focused on the development trend of the global outdoor advertising market, the industry structure of outdoor advertising screen products, leading technological innovation capabilities, the latest product series, standardized production process, localized service system, “the most concerned about safety LED display brand” and advertising In-depth communication and discussion were carried out in multiple dimensions such as screen classic cases.

The guests present all said that this speech provided them with a good opportunity to learn and communicate, and they had a deeper understanding of the value of LED displays.

In addition to keynote speeches, the forum also brought more JYLED brand presentations in different dimensions: nearly 1,000 on-site guests each had a JYLED corporate brochure, which can be read at any time, and JYLED corporate promotional videos that can be played in loop during the forum Receive information, and through the brand special page of the conference periodical and the exclusive interview with the director of JYLED by the first-line media, you can have a deeper understanding of JYLED.

Since its establishment, JYLED has continuously mastered key display technologies through technological research and development, and innovation and has been leading the development trend of global LED displays. So far, LED displays have sold 400,000 square meters in the global advertising field and successfully implemented more than 8,000 application cases.

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