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The application of LED display from the World Cup

The upcoming 2026 World Cup, to be held in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, is not only the premier global football event but is also expected to showcase a “battle” of cutting-edge technology products, much like the recently concluded 2022 World Cup in Qatar did.

As a key hub of the world’s advanced manufacturing industry, “Made in Shenzhen” will feature prominently in the tournament, creating much excitement and anticipation. In the 2022 Qatar World Cup, “Shenzhen Smart Manufacturing” was showcased in every aspect, from the construction of the competition venues and the LED stadium screens to the stands and the LED light pole screens. In doing so, it became a shining example of “Shenzhen elements”, attracting attention and admiration from around the world.

Recyclable, Shenzhen Enterprises Participate in the Construction of the World’s First “Green Stadium”

Among the Qatar World Cup venues, there is a venue that is very special in shape and material. It looks like a port terminal from a distance. This is the “974 Stadium” in Qatar. The full name of the 974 stadium is Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, which is composed of 974 “large containers”. This number is the same as Qatar’s international area code. It is worth mentioning that all 974 containers were produced by China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd.

Detachable, mobile and reusable, the 974 stadium is the first “green stadium” that can be completely disassembled in the history of the World Cup. After the World Cup in Qatar, it will be dismantled as a whole, and all containers and movable seats in the stadium will be donated to countries in need.

CIMC, rooted in Shenzhen, is the largest container manufacturer in the world and has more than 20 world-champion products including containers. It is understood that the containers provided by CIMC to Qatar this time are all specially customized. During the production process, not only material issues, but also a series of complex technologies such as internal functions and overall connections are considered.

High technology content, Shenzhen LED display lights up the stadium

From LED scoring screens, LED stand screens to stadium LED fence screens, in this World Cup, Shenzhen LED display manufacturers provided LED stadium screens with a total area of nearly 2,000 square meters for 8 World Cup venues, improving the display effect of the stadium in an all-around way.

LED score screen
LED score screen

Leading display manufacturers such as JYLED have been deeply involved in the football world for many years, providing integrated LED display products and services for numerous stadiums with great success.

Lusail Stadium, the World Cup’s largest competition venue and final destination, spans an impressive 190,000 square meters and can accommodate over 80,000 spectators. Two massive LED scoring screens, standing more than 20 meters tall and measuring over 70 square meters, capture the attention of all who attend.

This is one of the many LED display manufacturers that have contributed to the World Cup, specifically designing a high-definition display screen that features high-altitude suspension for the 2022 event.

According to reports, this LED display manufacturer is the preeminent leader in China’s LED display manufacturing industry, boasting nearly 10 overseas branches and providing services for a range of large-scale events, including the Russian World Cup and the FIBA Men’s Basketball World Cup.

Smart light pole LED display lights up urban roads

As night fell, 320 sets of smart street lights lit up the 5-kilometer road surrounding the main venue of the Qatar World Cup, with 130 LED light pole screens decorating and “brightening” the stadium.

These light pole screens are not only high-definition and bright, but also equipped with automatic brightness adjustment, remote one-button power off, multi-screen synchronous playback, temperature-controlled intelligent heat dissipation, intelligent IP broadcasting, and other advanced features. They exemplify “Shenzhen Smart Manufacturing”, embodying modernity, technology, and wisdom with elegance.

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