The difference between JYLED transparent screen and other LED transparent screens

It has become the first choice of many companies to use JYLED transparent screens as advertising displays or brand promotion. Many colleagues are very curious, as to why the JYLED transparent display will be spread by word of mouth among many customers and stand out in the huge LED display. This is actually inseparable from the uniqueness of the JYLED transparent screen.

We all know that the traditional LED display brings a huge visual impact to the audience by constantly playing dynamic pictures or even 3D pictures, thus leaving a deep memory of the brand in their minds.

However, with the continuous improvement of user demands, the drawbacks of traditional LED displays in terms of size flexibility, architectural aesthetics, and viewing angles have gradually emerged, prompting LED display manufacturers to introduce more innovative solutions – transparent LED displays. .

Transparent LED Display
Transparent LED Display

A transparent LED screen is an innovative LED display solution that maximizes viewing angle by reducing structural components to achieve a 55-90% transparent display. The image on its screen is created by programming the LEDs and displaying the relevant pixel color on the mapped LEDs, where the lights converge to create the image. Transparent LED screens can not only meet the above-mentioned user needs to the greatest extent but also achieve better visual effects than traditional LED screens.

Compared with the traditional LED screen that completely blocks the view, the transparent LED curtain wall adopts the amazing transparent glass display technology, which transforms advertising-worthy locations in the urban commercial environment, such as glass windows, glass curtain walls, and large indoor spaces, into unique visual effects. The impact of attracting traffic quickly and accurately. In addition, it has the practical advertising value of commercial network media and maintains the original appearance and transparency of the venue.

This is why transparent LED displays are gradually becoming an industry trend. Additionally, as an innovative dynamic display solution, transparent Poster LED SCREEN window displays are overwhelmingly superior to traditional LED displays, helping you bring more business into your store.

The uniqueness of the JYLED transparent screen

JYLED LED transparent display may be your best choice because JYLED’s transparent LED display fulfills all the above-mentioned functions. JYLED LED is committed to choosing the right pixel pitch for customers – from 2.6 to 31.25mm pixels. Ultra-high-density pixel pitch means clearer, more attractive images on transparent LED displays. Considering the viewing distance of different projects, JYLED LED provides customized services to guide the selection of the most suitable pixel pitch.

In addition, 55% to 93% permeability, industry-leading brightness adjustment and heat dissipation technology have brought a good reputation. The IP68 protection rating allows the transparent LED display to work trouble-free in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 60°C, and its aerodynamic windproof design makes it resistant to storms and typhoons.

Combining an ultra-modern fusion of art, advertising and technology, the transparent LED display is undoubtedly an innovative solution for your dynamic advertising display, and you should really go and buy one to boost your business and brand awareness.

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