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The difference between LED conventional display and LED rental display

With the widespread use of led displays, various led displays can be used in many places. The most common ones are the large rental LED background displays on the stage seen during stage performances, and some LEDs used during weddings. Floor tile screens, LED transparent screens used in exhibitions, etc. Some customers want to know the difference between LED conventional displays and LED rental displays. Next, let’s take a look.

The difference between LED conventional display and LED rental display:

1. The conventional installation screen is installed in sequence, and the size is very standardized, while the rental LED display large screen requires that it can be easily installed, disassembled, and transported repeatedly, and the staff can complete the work quickly and reduce the labor cost of customers;

2. The rental LED display of the stage has strong tolerance to slight bumps during transportation and handling, and its size generally conforms to the loading system of the transportation tool, especially for transcontinental transportation, while the ordinary LED display It is more fragile and easy to be bumped;

3. Because of the needs of handling, the design of the indoor led display itself must be very suitable for handling, otherwise it will be time-consuming and laborious during the handling process, and the effect will not be ideal. The stage rental LED display uses a removable air box, which is very convenient to move.

In addition, when providing rental screen services to customers, there are differences between rental screens and fixed installation screens. Once the fixed installation screen is installed, the effect is immediate, and the rental screen must be displayed perfectly throughout the concert. display effect, which is also a point that customers value.

How much is the rental of indoor led display screens?

You can ask professional LED manufacturers like us for the price of LED rental screen, and the quality can also be guaranteed. The boundary between leasing and purchasing lies in price, area, and frequency of use. In fact, some companies have purchased 3-4 square meters of LED displays and installed them in their own companies to show the strength of the company, and they can also advertise by the way. to be used at exhibitions. If necessary, learn simple installation methods from LED manufacturers.

How much is the LED lease? This depends on the area of production. Generally, if the area is smaller, it may cost 10,000 yuan. If it is larger, it will be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Leasing is never easy to buy. Whether you choose to buy or rent depends on your personal wishes.

What is the difference between P3 indoor stage led display and P5 indoor stage led display?

In the current indoor led display market, there are many types and models. Let us take the most common P3 outdoor stage led display and P5 outdoor stage led display as the difference between them.

1. The module of P3 LED display is 111111 dots/㎡, the brightness is ≥1200CD/㎡, the viewing distance is 3 to 35 meters, the module of P5 LED display is 40000 dots/㎡, the brightness is 1600CD/㎡, and the viewing distance is 5 to 50 meters. The dot pitch is an important basis for the distinction of LED full-color display models, which directly determines the pixel resolution per unit area of the LED display.


P5 outdoor LED rental screen is playing ads

In the field of high-definition led display, every unit indentation of the dot pitch is a technological breakthrough. Looking at the above data, we can see that the pixel density of P3 rental outdoor display screen is 111111 points/㎡, and the pixel density of P5 rental outdoor display screen is 40000 points/㎡, just because their point spacing is indented by 2mm, and the pixel points per square meter increase by 71111 points!

2. The drive mode determines the screen brightness. Since the outdoor P5 full-color LED display has fewer pixels per square meter, the brightness is higher than that of the P3 model. If it is semi-outdoor, or indoors by the window, you must choose a model with higher brightness. In terms of power consumption, P3 is definitely larger than P5, mainly due to the characteristics of more pixels and brightness greater than 1200cd/㎡.

3. Under the same LED box, power supply,  LED control card and other configurations, the P3 outdoor display screen is definitely more expensive than the P5 outdoor display screen in terms of price. The important reason is that more LED lamp beads are used per unit area, resulting in higher costs. .

To sum up, the above is about the difference between indoor led display. P3 and P5. If you want to know more related information, please pay attention to this site, we will continue to update.

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