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The new star of KTV market – bar & KTV LED display

As the KTV market decline, many traditional KTV venues began to switch to the KTV LED display to raise the bar cool effect.In addition to the shadow K system, panoramic KTV has become a highlight of KTV upgrades in recent years.

Generally speaking, the space of a KTV cube has 6 sides. In the past, only one side of the KTV can display video effects, while the panoramic KTV uses fusion technology, whether it is for one wall or multiple walls, it can make the picture blend into It is integrated to show the overall beauty of a picture.

If it is on the ground, it can also install ground-moving products in the hall. If it is on the corridor, it can also install a sky screen product similar to the LED screen that has invested tens of millions of dollars.

DJ bar LED display
DJ bar LED display

Through cutting-edge high-tech video technology, a seamlessly integrated video effect is created, which makes the entire KTV LED Display a private room full of colorful dynamic video effects, and gets rid of the dull state of the past.

It is understood that the ground interactive products have been used outside the KTV industry many years ago, and have the technical realization method to generate interaction between people and video materials through interactive detection. However, due to the high cost, it has not yet fully entered the KTV industry. industry.

However, the application of LED canopy products in KTV is very rare, because the products that can be seen in the past are in the open-air areas of some large shopping malls, such as the World Trade Center in Beijing and the Wanda Plaza in Guangzhou.

Too many people go to watch it. At present, no KTV will invest so much money to build this product for a ceiling in the corridor, but the panoramic KTV can realize this magnificent project with a small capital cost.

Generally speaking, the LED canopy products of panoramic KTV need to implement the plan during the KTV decoration design. It is necessary to design the top of the corridor and the wall of the corridor as relatively pure reflectors so that the panoramic view of the canopy of the corridor and the wall of the corridor can be realized. , the projected content picture will look very beautiful as a whole, and when someone passes through the corridor, they will get a shocking experience of panoramic reflection.

DJ bar LED display
DJ bar LED display

Bars and KTVs are now using LED displays as normal. How should we choose?

Today, for bars, bar LED display has become an important display device. If we want to achieve high-quality display effects, we need to pay attention to some things when choosing.

First, the resolution

Clarity and resolution, it is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of our choice of LED display. Devices with higher resolutions naturally receive more attention. In the current LED control system, there are various forms of video signals, but as a back-end signal output product, it has strict requirements on various resolutions. Not all large-screen products on the market can support the above types. Format video signal, therefore, before we buy a display, we must choose the resolution according to our needs.

Second, color reproduction and grayscale

Friends who are familiar with bar places know that color reproduction is an indispensable and important function for us to ensure the display effect. However, in addition to this, the grayscale of LED large-screen display devices is also an indicator that is easiest to ignore but should not be ignored.

In the usual measurement of device performance, we often use the color card to measure the display effect of the device. Of course, in addition to this way of viewing, the grayscale table on both sides of the clarity card is also an important tool for reflecting color reproduction.

For this part of the link, we can better grasp the LED display Screen equipment to identify the colors of some objects with less difference in detail, so as to have a more comprehensive grasp of the working conditions of the equipment.

Third, the contrast

For display devices, the higher the contrast, the stronger the image layering. Today, the large LED screens on the market generally have a contrast ratio of more than 1000:1.

Fourth, the viewing angle

In addition to its own performance, we should also remind everyone to pay attention to the viewing angle. As a non-negligible part of the LED large screen in the bar industry, the viewing angle will affect the viewing effect of the image, and even create a blind spot for visual viewing.

There are many large-screen products on the market that use ordinary civilian LCD screens to act as large screens in bars, and the viewing angle is extremely poor. The LED large screen adopts high-definition precision display optical large screen, and the viewing angle can achieve more than 170 degrees, which basically achieves the effect of absolute viewing angle.

Although, at present, the development of LED displays is still hindered by the problem of cost, with the advancement of technology, the price of LED displays has plummeted, and products such as LED floor tile screens and LED sky screens will also be useful in panoramic KTV.

However, with the development of technology and the decline in cost, the integration of LED screen and entertainment is promising. Sound, lighting, screen, video, laser, and projection will be combined. Whether it is a KTV or a cinema, the visual concept will change the direction of entertainment in the next few years, and this time will not be long.

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