The inferior manufacturers has increased,JYLED calls for strengthening supervision

In recent years, with the popularity of 5G+8K ultra-high-definition display applications, the domestic LED display industry has ushered in explosive growth, and the application of JYLED LED displays in all walks of life has fully blossomed. However, with the rapid development, the quality and safety problems of LED display products produced by inferior LED display manufacturers are constantly exposed.

On May 18, 2019, a giant LED advertising screen in Times Square, New York, USA caught fire and was still playing advertisements when it caught fire

In this context, JYLED called on relevant departments to strengthen supervision, and summarized and released a number of eight LED display standards that are conducive to the sustainable development of the industry and are applicable to all LED display companies.

Problems such as LED display fire, electromagnetic radiation, leakage, and after-sales disputes occur frequently, which have a negative impact on the entire industry. The reason is that the domestic LED display products lack strict industry standards.

In 2020, the China State Administration for Market Regulation (CAC) revised the “Description and Definition Table of Compulsory Product Certification Catalogue”, again emphasizing that LED display products are within the scope of 3C certification, and companies must sell products that meet 3C certification. Products that meet the national 3C certification must pass the two major testing marks of safety inspection and electromagnetic compatibility.

Based on the above background, JYLLED, as the world’s leading true LED display brand, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, JYLLED actively responded to national policies and regulations on safety and environmental protection, combined with its 20 years of development experience, from safety, health, environmental protection, quality , technology, service, business, social responsibility and other dimensions, deeply thinking about the sustainable development of the LED display industry, summed up and released 7 major LED display standards covering safety, health, environmental protection, quality, technology, service, business, and social responsibility.

safety standard

LED displays are often used in different environments, and the safety issues involved in their use are also the top priority. JYLED LED display has a reliable safety guarantee, in line with 3C, CE, UL, ETL and other relevant domestic and international safety standards, especially for fire protection, electromagnetic compatibility, AC withstand voltage, leakage current, insulation resistance, grounding resistance, etc. have high Require.

Fire retardant

Fire standards are used to evaluate the ability of a material to extinguish after being ignited. High fire retardant grade materials can play a positive role in suppressing fire. In the US UL94 standard, the flame retardant grade of plastics increases from HB, V-2, V-1 to V-0, and the fire resistance is also strengthened.

The selection and design of the main key raw materials of JYLED products are designed in accordance with national or international safety standards, which are safe and reliable (for example, the PCB meets UL94V-0, and the wire meets VW-1 or FT1, etc.). 7 Class I level test (currently the highest level).

Electrical Safety

AC withstand voltage test is a more effective and direct method to identify the insulation strength of products, and it can more effectively find insulation weaknesses, ensure the safe operation of equipment, and avoid insulation accidents. The industry standard requires that the disconnecting current is less than or equal to 100mA, and after testing, the measured data of JYLED KL1.8 is less than or equal to 0.49mA.

In terms of leakage current, the industry standard requires that the leakage current of a single box is ≤3.5mA, and the measured leakage current of JYLED KL1.8 is ≤0.7mA, which can completely prevent electric shock.

In the insulation resistance test results, the measured data of JYLED KL1.8 = 5714MΩ, which is better than the industry standard of ≥10MΩ, and the occurrence probability of damp, dirt, insulation breakdown and serious aging is lower, which can effectively ensure the safety of electricity use.

In addition, the industry standard input ground wire and the shell conduct 32A current, test for 2 minutes, the resistance is ≤0.1Ω, and the measured data of JYLED KL1.8 is ≤0.035Ω. The impedance to ground voltage is good.

Safety test demonstration

Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC refers to the ability of a device or system to work normally in its electromagnetic environment without causing anything in the environment to withstand electromagnetic disturbance. It is one of the most important indicators to measure product quality.

JYLED mainstream products simultaneously meet domestic and international electromagnetic compatibility classA industrial standards such as GB/9254-2008, GB/T17618-2012, EN55032/35, FCC (Part15 Subpart B), and some can reach classB civil standards.

health standards

JYLED’s LED displays, especially small-pitch products used indoors, pay special attention to the protection of human health in terms of blue light, electromagnetic radiation, etc., to ensure that customers are not affected by long-term viewing.

In the blue light test, JYLED’s LED display meets GB/T 20145-2006/IEC TR 62778-2014/IEC 62471 photobiological safety, which can effectively protect the viewer’s eyes. The picture below shows the test results of JYLED KL1.5 photobiology.

Environmental standards

JYLED advocates the production concept of green, low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection, and abides by the corporate tenet of sustainable development.

energy saving

The more energy-saving the LED display is, the less electricity is used in the same area (including display screens, air conditioners, etc.), and the heat generation is also lower, which is conducive to saving energy and protecting the environment. This is especially important for companies that use thousands of square meters of outdoor LED displays.

The JYLED standard is much higher than the industry’s 600-800W/㎡ products. Take the JYLED A1021D product as an example: under the condition of 10000nit brightness, the maximum power consumption is only 260W/㎡, the standby power consumption is only 21W/㎡, and the display can be intelligently adjusted according to the ambient brightness. Screen brightness, avoid light pollution and save energy.

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