The principle and composition of interactive floor tile screen

First, The system principle of interactive floor tile screen

The operating principle of the led interactive floor tile screen system is to capture the movement of the foot by capturing the impact of the led floor tile screen on the target, and then analyze and analyze the system by the impression concept stock to generate the action of the captured person or object. The operation data is combined with the actual image interaction. The system allows the participants to produce a closely integrated real-time interactive effect with the led Floor LED Display;

The technology used in the interactive led floor tile screen system is a hybrid virtual realization technology and motion capture technology, which is a further development of the virtual realization technology. Technology, through mixed display, users can touch the real environment while manipulating the virtual image, thereby enhancing the sensory visual experience;

interactive LED floor tile screen
interactive LED floor tile screen

Second, the components of the LED interactive floor tile screen system

  1. In the signal collection part, capture and display are performed according to the interactive needs. The capture device is equipped with a sensor chip, a video camera and a camera, etc.;
  2. The signal processing part, this part analyzes the real-time collected data and the generated data is connected with the virtual scene system;
  3. In the imaging part, the interactive material and floor tile display equipment are used to present the image in a specific position, and the led floor tile screen can be used as a carrier for interactive image display;
  4. Auxiliary equipment, such as installation of structural parts, transmission lines, interactive master control, computer and engineering wiring, audio, and other equipment;
Load-bearing test of LED tile screen
Load-bearing test of LED tile screen

Third, the characteristics of led interactive floor tile screen

  1. Practicality, the system can handle various real and potential functions of Manu, can adapt to various environments and achieve satisfactory display effects;
  2. Advanced, the function and performance of the system reach the advanced level of the same display system;
  3. Reliability, the system can provide long-term continuous operation, and maintain stability and reliability;
  4. Continuity, select high-quality, interactive main control acquisition and other equipment to ensure that the display effect of the system is enduring;
  5. Flexibility, the system has flexible hardware configuration capabilities, the degree of dependence between various devices is relatively low, and some devices can be replaced at any time as needed without replacing all devices, and the system can be expanded at any time according to changes in demand without will waste the original resources;
  6. Convenience, adjustment and use of the system are very simple, the operation interface is simple, the operation process is simple, and it can be operated and used after a short period of training;
  7. Participation, the system supports a large number of people to participate in the interaction of the floor tile Indoor Rental LED Display at the same time. Is it suitable for the characteristics of large traffic flow? A system that integrates hardware, virtual simulation and image recognition technology. The operation is first captured by the floor tile screen. Participants The images are transmitted to the interactive master control by foot movement and intelligent analysis of the system combined with the presentation of the interactive materials. The virtual interactive images are generated. Finally, the whole process of interaction between the participants and the interactive material images can be divided into multiple categories according to the environment used. form;

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