transparent led screen VS SMD package regular screen

In recent years, with the continuous development of the market economy, there are many tall buildings in the city, and transparent LED screens have been widely used in urban glass curtain walls and architectural beautification. If customers are familiar with LED displays but not familiar with transparent LED displays, they often have questions. What is the difference between transparent LED displays and SMD packaged conventional displays? Shenzhen led transparent screen manufacturers to talk about.

1. High light transmittance, beautiful, does not affect indoor lighting

If we usually pay more attention, we will find that the conventional SMD display screen does not transmit light and cannot see behind the LED display screen, so it will affect the architectural lighting. The LED transparent screen adopts forward or side display technology, and the indicator light can hardly be seen by the naked eye, which greatly improves the transparency and allows the appearance of the building to be displayed.

shopping mall P2.976 transparent LED display
shopping mall P2.976 transparent LED display

2. Lightweight design, saving the cost of steel structure

The conventional screen in the ordinary SMD package is 42 kilograms per square meter, and the screen size is too large, which is a huge challenge to the steel structure of the screen main body and the original building structure. The transparent LED display can be installed vertically and can be installed independently without glass.

When installed behind the glass curtain wall, its weight is only 16 kg per square meter, which can be said to be very light and can be directly connected to the steel structure of the curtain wall under lower load requirements.

3. Strip light pole structure can be specially designed

The conventional SMD display screen is limited by the cuboid structure. If it is some special shape structure, it cannot be well connected, and there may even be a little seam. And LED transparent display can provide perfect contour matching and natural curved surface transition. Product screens can support various shapes such as cylinders, triangles and arcs.

transparent LED display
transparent LED display

4. Screen application

SMD ordinary monitors are installed indoors, which may block sunlight and line of sight. Transparent LED electronic screens provide very stable product performance. It does not block sunlight and line of sight, so no matter from any angle, you can see the objects behind you through the transparent display.

5. Glass curtain wall, hidden installation, does not affect the shape of the floor

SMD ordinary screen needs to develop a large-scale steel frame structure during the construction process, and this process takes a long time from design to installation, and also has a certain impact on the appearance and beauty of the building. The LED transparent screen can be easily attached to the wall during installation and improve the overall appearance without damaging the wall, so the installation process is time-saving, labor-saving, convenient and fast.

6. Easy to maintain

SMD package led conventional screen, mainly for the maintenance and handling of the back cover. That is, during maintenance, the entire box or module needs to be disassembled for maintenance. The transparent LED electronic screen only needs to replace one light bar, which can achieve the maintenance effect. The whole process is simple and fast, and the maintenance cost is reduced.

Transparent LED Display
Transparent LED Display

The difference between the transparent LED display and the SMD packaged conventional screen is mentioned here. Let’s take a look at the common transparent LED displays on the market.

LED grid screen (also known as LED grid screen, LED hollow screen,): The LED light source is attached to the PCB control board, and it is protected by the aluminum alloy installation groove, glue layer, and card groove acrylic layer. The overall control system A display material with a grille hanging on the back of glass that realizes dynamic video playback after integration. With strip, hollow, light transmission and other product forms.

LED transparent screen: The LED light source is attached to the metal conductive screen, and the LED light source is energized by 3D printing circuit in the laminated glass, and the photoelectric display effect is presented through computer control.

LED film screen (also known as LED ice screen): It is a kind of LED light source attached to the flexible PCB conductive screen, which is synthesized and protected by a soft film layer, an adhesive layer and a substrate layer. After the overall integration of the control system, the dynamic A flexible display material for video playback that can be attached directly to the back of the glass.

The above-mentioned display materials can all achieve the effect of transparent display in appearance, but the degree of transparency is different, and each has its own advantages. When choosing to use, you can determine the applicable style according to your own needs.

LED grille screens and LED film screens are mostly used indoors and do not have waterproof properties. The advantage is that the imaging distance is relatively short.

The advantage of the LED transparent screen is that it can achieve small-pitch imaging in terms of resolution.

In addition to the above-mentioned more common LED transparent displays, there is also an LED photoelectric glass, although similar to LED transparent displays, but currently this is not classified under the LED display category, so we will not focus on it.

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