Types and prices of led spherical screens

The price of the led spherical screen and the price algorithm of the led display are the same, and they are charged according to the square and model, but the spherical screen generally asks the diameter of the ball and the model, which is not as complicated as the calculation of the conventional screen cost. Today, JYLED will discuss with you the types and models of led spherical screens, and then calculate the cost of a led spherical screen.

First, the type of ball screen

1. Watermelon peel ball screen: The earliest ball screen on the market, commonly known as watermelon peel ball screen, is composed of watermelon peel-shaped PCB. The disadvantage is that the north and south poles (or north of 45° north latitude and south of 45° south latitude) cannot play images, so the picture utilization rate is too low.

2. Triangular spherical screen: The spherical screen composed of flat triangle PCB, commonly known as football screen, overcomes the disadvantage that the north and south poles of the watermelon peel ball screen cannot play images, and the screen utilization rate is greatly improved. The disadvantage is that there are many types of PCBs, and the pixel point is limited by the honeycomb arrangement, and the point spacing cannot be less than 8.5mm. Therefore, software writing is also more troublesome, and the entry technology threshold is too high.

3. Six-sided panoramic spherical screen: It is a spherical screen composed of quadrilateral PCBs that has appeared recently, and is known as a six-sided spherical screen. It also has fewer types of PCB boards than football screens. The entry threshold is relatively low, and the points are closer to the flat LED display. The minimum point spacing is similar to that of the flat LED display, with little or no restrictions, so the effect is much better than the spherical screen composed of triangular PCBs.

Two. Diameter, model and price of led spherical screen

1. The diameter of the spherical screen is generally: 0.5 meters, 1 meters, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, 2 meters, 2.5 meters, 3 meters and so on.

2. Spherical screen model: P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P refers to the distance between the two lamp beads, and the number behind is the distance between the dots, which is also the best viewing distance.

3. The price of the spherical screen is sold according to the whole ball, and the actual cost is also calculated according to the square. The general cost is all-inclusive, and no other miscellaneous costs are included. Since the price of LED display is constantly changing, even if you say a price casually, the final price still depends on the market price. It is most convenient to consult the business manager directly.

After understanding the price of the spherical LED display, let’s take a look at where the spherical LED display is suitable for use.

Application scenarios of spherical LED display

In fact, LED spherical screen is mainly used in museums, science and technology museums, exhibition halls, outdoor spherical video advertisements and other places.

1. The application of the museum, install the LED spherical screen in the prominent position of the museum hall, the screen body plays the video of the development history of the museum and the series of cultural relics. Give people a visually stunning impact.

2. The application of the Science and Technology Museum, install an LED spherical screen at the entrance of the Science and Technology Museum. The content played on the screen is a variety of celestial bodies and physical phenomena. The pictures that the audience can see are more sci-fi, and tourists are like traveling when watching. Mysterious vast space.

3. The application of the exhibition hall, the LED spherical screen combines the various technologies of sound, shadow, light and electricity, which are seamlessly intertwined, using high-tech means to display the dynamic space of the exhibition hall in a multi-dimensional and three-dimensional manner, bringing the audience an immersive 360° All-view audio-visual experience.

4. Outdoor spherical video advertising applications, such as star-rated hotels, large open spaces, railway stations, ports, shopping malls, etc., using LED spherical screens have become very common. The display screen broadcasts the discount advertisement and brand image of the merchant, and people who travel from all directions will be attracted by the spherical display screen, bringing more potential customers to the merchant.

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