What are the advantages of smart city light pole screen?

In recent years, with the rise of meta-universe, artificial intelligence, and other concepts, the traditional light pole screen has also transformed into a smart city light pole screen. They are used in many application scenarios including smart parks and smart transportation. This is why? What are the differences between its advantages and the ordinary LED light pole screen?

Smart city light pole screen is still essentially based on the LED display, and one of the main roles of the LED display is to deliver messages through the form of audio and video. Therefore, the use of LED display as the basis of the smart city light pole screen will certainly have the function of the display, while taking into account the function of the city street lamp.

smart light pole screen used in the case in the city
smart light pole screen used in the case in the city

The advantages of smart city LED light pole screen

First of all, the intelligent street light electronic display can replace the traditional road banner advertising release media advertising. Traditional road banner advertising is mostly customized offline and manually replaced.

Intelligent street light electronic display that can be remotely manipulated to arrange the display, and even on the cell phone to choose to play the content, regulate the playing time and effect, while supporting video, pictures, and text three modes. It can effectively set the atmosphere, render the environment, give enterprises or brands more opportunities to show their image and give a new visual impact effect.

In addition to commercial advertising and public welfare advertising, LED electronic displays can also be used as a carrier for other information release platforms, linked with the environmental monitoring system, real-time collection of weather temperature, air humidity, wind speed, PM2.5, traffic conditions and other information displayed on the electronic display, while helping intelligent transportation, in case of emergency, timely release of information and real-time traffic information, etc. It provides convenience for urban environment management and residents\’ life travel.

smart light pole screen used in the case in the city
smart light pole screen used in the case in the city

LED light pole screen is installed on the street light pole display, suitable for highways, and streets on both sides of the street light pole installation and use, LED light pole screen appears, mainly to replace the market light pole light box door to tell, and the current market light box advertising, double-sided discharge advertising, up to two discharges.

And the customer group several months to change – times. The number of ads placed is limited, while LED light pole screens can be unlimited advertising emissions, and LED light pole screens can be placed at the same time dozens of ads, so the utilization rate of light pole advertising is correspondingly increased.

On the other hand, LED light pole screen has a more attractive way of advertising, you can put dynamic video advertising, in general, dynamic advertising has a story and plot, whether there is no one watching, under the visual impact as long as broadcast, the dynamic picture will be more attractive than those static pictures, as long as the eyes noticed, the brain will naturally have advertising-related information.

Finally, the intelligent street light screen can also be called a light pole advertising screen, which can be used as advertising space leased out to enterprises or brands, which can recover the cost of intelligent street light construction.

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