What are the main features of LED transparent screen?

We all know that LED transparent screen have many features that other LED displays do not have. But few people can say its advantages comprehensively. Let’s find out next.

Transparent display technology

The effect is the biggest feature of the Indoor Rental LED Display that distinguishes it from other types of LED displays, thanks to the hollow design structure and side-emitting technology. When the user displays the advertisement outdoors, the room can be illuminated normally due to the high light transmittance, and it is transparent from the inside.

The stage of transparent LED display
The stage of transparent LED display

Viewed from any angle outdoors, in addition to clearly seeing the overall indoor environment, you can also see images suspended on the glass curtain wall, enhancing advertising and artistic effects and attracting potential consumers. Transparent LED window displays are a great choice for stores that want to display content stylishly without blocking the light or view from either side.

Enhance the beauty of the building facade

Due to the unique transparent display technology of the transparent LED screen, no matter from which angle it is viewed, the image seems to be suspended on the glass wall. Moreover, without affecting the overall presentation effect of the traditional LED screen, the aesthetics of the building facade is improved. This display technology opens up new creative options not possible with LCD screens and other LED screens, allowing designers to focus on glass construction without compromising the overall design.

Window transparent LED display
Window transparent LED display

Lightweight and ultra-thin

Due to the hollow design structure, the transparent display effect is achieved, without steel support, the transparent LED screen is lighter and thinner than the traditional LED display, the weight is only 12kg/m, and the panel thickness is only 10mm. Even without glass as a background, the transparent LED screen can be installed vertically independently or supported behind a glass curtain wall. Plus, no matter which installation method you choose, you can greatly reduce back-office stress and installation costs.

Energy saving

The part of the transparent LED display without screen display does not heat up, and the power consumption is lower than that of the traditional LED display, which saves unnecessary costs for businesses.


The shape of the transparent LED screen has more possibilities than the traditional LED display in terms of shape and size, including columns, columns, circles, triangles, etc., enhancing the aesthetic effect and giving potential target groups a refreshing feeling. Therefore, the transparent LED display can also be used as a stylish decoration for outdoor and indoor glass walls to attract more potential users.

Wide range of applications

Through the breakthrough of technical knowledge, in addition to the value of advertising display, the LED transparent screen has also made a breakthrough in the application of LED display on glass. Transparent led display screen are widely used in outdoor and indoor fields, such as outdoor transparent LED displays such as stages, squares, and parks, and indoor transparent LED displays in large shopping malls, chain stores, science and technology museums, and glass windows.

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