What are the steps to install the LED rental screen?

  With the gradual popularization of led rental screens, more and more people are familiar with and understand led rental screens, but for many people, how to install led rental screens is a headache. Let’s take a look at this, what needs to be done to install LED rental?

  Steps to Install Rental LED Display

  1. Determination of the installation location

  After you choose a suitable LED display, the next step is to install it. The installation location mainly depends on the site conditions of the LED display and the parameters of the equipment.

  1. Site conditions: LED display installation locations are generally indoor, outdoor, outdoor, etc., and try to choose a bright, flat, and uniformly well-lit venue. For example, in sunny places, such as shopping malls, etc., the environment is relatively good, and you can choose to install it on the indoor ground.

  2. Equipment parameters: The parameters of the equipment, according to the equipment parameters, select the suitable installation location. At the same time, pay attention to the matching of lamps, cables and lines with the equipment.

P4.81 outdoor rental LED display
P4.81 outdoor rental LED display

  2. Base, display, and screen connection

  1. We need to weld the display base to the led display;

  2. Next, after we need to place the display screen on the screen body, we need to place the screen body on the base of the display screen.

  3. To connect the display screen to the screen body, when connecting the screen body to the led display base, you need to plug the power supply on the display into the led display base.

  Note: If you can’t pull out the plug immediately after inserting the jack into the power socket, stick the tape between the display screen and the power plug firmly. This can effectively prevent the gap between the plug and the screen body.

  3. Bracket installation

  The LED rental screen mounting bracket should be detachable or detachable as much as possible. Since the LED rental display needs to be fixed by various parts, the choice of the bracket should be as detachable or detachable as possible, which is convenient for the on-site installer to disassemble and adjust the product.

  At the same time, the cost requirements of the bracket itself should be reduced as much as possible. The price of the bracket can fluctuate according to comprehensive factors such as its size, material and so on.

  4. power connection

  The way to connect the Led rental screen with electricity is generally to first plug in the power plug on the display screen, and then turn on the power indicator light. But the LED displays are all independently controlled, so another control power supply is required in order to control their brightness. Of course, there is also multiple power supply control.

  At the same time, in order to avoid mutual interference between different power sources or affect product performance, the plug of the power source should be inserted into one of the power sockets.

  5. Check inventory

  After the LED rental screen box and bracket are installed, a comprehensive and detailed inspection must be carried out. If any defects and faults are found, the site should be repaired and cleaned up in time to ensure the normal operation of the box, otherwise, it will affect its display effect. Great safety hazard.

  The above is all about “led rental screen installation”, and if you have any Fixed Outdoor Display Screen questions, welcome to communicate with us through email~

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