What convenience does LED light pole screen bring to the city?

LED light pole screen is installed on the street light pole display, suitable for highway, street light pole installation on both sides of the street use, LED light pole screen, mainly to replace the market light pole light box door, and the current market light box advertising, double-sided discharge advertising, up to two discharge. And the customer group several months to change – times.

The number of ads placed is limited, while LED light pole screen can be unlimited advertising emissions, and light pole screen can be placed at the same time dozens of ads, so the utilization rate of light pole advertising is correspondingly increased.

smart light pole screen used in the case in the city
smart light pole screen used in the case in the city

Intelligent life is intelligent, simple and technological life, which in layman’s terms is to facilitate our daily life to accelerate the technology-enabled lifestyle. Smart street light can be reasonably equipped with intelligent lighting, a 5G micro base station, LED light pole screen, sensorless payment, intelligent charging pile, an environmental sensor, traffic signal, violation capture camera, video surveillance camera and other equipment according to the actual needs of the site. Reasonable collocation allows the smart street light can be necessary and make the best use of it.

On the other hand, LED light pole screen has a more attractive way of advertising, you can put dynamic video advertising, in general, dynamic advertising has a story and plot, whether there is no one watching, under the visual impact as long as broadcast, the dynamic picture will be more attractive than those static pictures, as long as the eyes noticed, the brain will naturally have advertising-related information.

In addition, the smart city light pole screen on each street light pole, not only can realize the comprehensive use of street light poles, so that the road is no longer monotonous, but also, according to different holidays play colorful decorative images, beautify the cityscape. At the same time, it can also provide the public with weather changes, environmental pollution values and road traffic conditions, bringing more convenience to the public.

LED light pole screen case
LED light pole screen case

Today, smart city LED light pole screen products have been set up in all corners of the city, in the smart city led by 3D, VR and other emerging technologies continue to mature, and LED display screen integration can achieve more possible display effects for the smart city to provide a more comprehensive, accurate, efficient management, applications and services.

The lighter, more energy efficient, more intelligent, more beautiful, more market development advantages of the product have become the development of the major LED screen enterprise goal.

In addition to commercial advertising and public welfare advertising, LED electronic display can also be used as a carrier for other information release platforms, linked with the environmental monitoring system, real-time collection of weather temperature, air humidity, wind speed, PM2.5, traffic conditions and other information displayed on the electronic display, while helping intelligent transportation, in case of emergency, timely release of information and real-time traffic information, etc. It provides convenience for urban environment management and residents’ life travel.

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