What factors need to be considered when choose LED transparent screen?

Due to technological innovation and the advantages of transparent LED Display Supplier, the number of advertising companies that need to choose LED transparent screen is also increasing. So, in the face of more and more transparent LED screen manufacturers on the market, what factors do we need to consider when choosing LED transparent screens?

At this point we may be able to list some tips below to help you understand and pick the best transparent LED screen.

1. Coordination of pixel pitch and transparency

This factor will involve pixel pitch and viewing distance. The higher the spacing between pixels, the sharper the image will appear; conversely, more pixels always means lower penetration due to higher pixel density. Choosing the correct pixel spacing based on consideration of proper visualization is important to balance sharpness with some loss of permeability.

Window transparent LED display
Window transparent LED display

2. Brightness adjustment

Brightness adjustment technology offers greater possibilities for content enrichment and innovation. The best transparent LED screen should ensure that the screen works stably in different climatic conditions and saves energy to the greatest extent. After all, energy saving itself is also a major feature of LED transparency. If you lose this feature for higher brightness, it will not be worth the loss.

3. Protection level

Although the transparent LED display is generally used indoors, if there is a need to install it outdoors, the transparent LED display should have sufficient anti-ultraviolet, waterproof and dustproof capabilities. If the waterproof and dustproof capabilities cannot be achieved, it will lead to The service life of the transparent LED display becomes very low. Because the protection level is more important, the protection level is also the most critical factor affecting the service life and price of the LED transparent screen.

tranrsparent LED display box

4. Heat dissipation capacity

The best transparent LED screens need a proper heat dissipation system and make sure to use aluminum to help reduce heat, although Indoor Rental LED Display can work in 70 degrees, but in such conditions for a long time, a collapsed heatsink Ultimately it affects the longevity of the screen and the performance of each component.

For this reason, in addition to the good heat dissipation of the transparent display itself, it is not recommended to use the transparent LED display at such a high temperature. Be sure to use it, and pay attention to adding air conditioners for auxiliary heat dissipation.

5. Reliable service

It is worth emphasizing that the reliability of the LED display manufacturer is paramount when considering the best transparent LED display to buy. The reliable manufacturer has established a good reputation among its customer base and is guaranteed in product technology and after-sales service. VISION LED is an example in this case, with its experience and innovative technology in LED displays, it has gained a solid customer base worldwide.

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