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What functions does the p3.91 outdoor rental display have? What equipment do I need?

P3.91 outdoor rental display is a more commonly used model in outdoor rental series, as well as P4.81, P5.95, etc., which need to be selected according to the size of the outdoor venue and the distance of outdoor viewing.
As one of the commonly used models, the P3.91 outdoor rental display screen has what functions does it have?

P3.91 Function of outdoor rental display

  1. Video function
    (1) Real-time display of true color video images to realize on-site broadcast and playback functions; (relevant video processing and projection equipment is required)
    (2) Connect the camera, display the video image in real time with clear and flicker-free, practically display the true color video image,
    (3) Realize live broadcast;
    (4) Rebroadcast broadcast and cable television programs;
    (5) Play video programs of video recorders and DVD players (vcd, dvd, ld), to meet the basic requirements of video signal playback; support various formats of pal, ntsc, secam
    (6) Realize the editing and playback functions of superimposing text information on text images, panorama, close-up, slow motion, and drag and drop image special effects.
    (7) To meet the needs of the use of theatrical performances;
    (8) Can play avi, mov, mpg, dat, vob files in various video formats.
    (9) A variety of characters and fonts to choose from;
    (10) Brightness, contrast, saturation and chroma can be adjusted by software, and the adjustment range is 256 levels.
    (11) There are three display modes of overlay, image and vga.
    (12) With video image compression control function.
    (13) With horizontal/vertical position compensation function.
  2. Text/graphics/information release function
    (1) It has rich playback methods, displays flow information, notifications, slogans and slogans, and has a large storage data information capacity;
    (2) There are a variety of Chinese fonts and fonts to choose from; you can also input many foreign languages ​​in English, French, German, Greek, Russian and Japanese;
    (3) The broadcasting system has multimedia software, which can flexibly input and broadcast various information;
    (4) There are more than 20 kinds of broadcasting methods: scroll left and right, scroll up and down, push left and right, push up and down, rotate, zoom, fade in and fade out.
    (5) Connect through the network at the same time, and display the network data information.

The above are the functions of the P3.91 outdoor rental display screen. In addition, it also needs some supporting equipment to be used together.

P3.91 outdoor rental LED display
P3.91 outdoor rental LED display

P3.91 List of supporting equipment for outdoor rental display screens

  1. A desktop computer,
    It is a necessary device for controlling the work of the led display, and there must be certain configuration standards.
  2. Audio + power amplifier,
    Synchronize the display to a device that makes video playback sound.
  3. Multi-function control card,
    It is used to automatically adjust the brightness and temperature of the LED full-color display by time period, and intelligently adjust to achieve energy saving and power saving, prolong the service life of the LED display, and is commonly used in outdoor displays.
  4. Lightning arrester,
    It is mainly a lightning protection device and protective equipment for the display screen. Equipment used for outdoor displays; not required for indoor displays.
  5. Air conditioning,
    Air-conditioning cooling equipment, small-area displays can be used without fans or fans can be used to cool down; large-area outdoor displays are strongly recommended to be equipped with wall-mounted air conditioners to effectively cool down.
    Thereby ensuring that the components of the display screen do not operate under high temperature conditions, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of the LED display screen, ensure the use and installation of the LED display screen, and effectively prolong the service life of the components of the display screen. Outdoor displays are commonly used.
  6. TV card,
    The TV card that can make the display screen play TV channel programs synchronously, whether users need to buy it by themselves, the price is not expensive, it is a very good thing, it is recommended to use.
  7. Video processor,
    The main purpose is to improve the overall display effect and functional application of the large screen, and fully tap the value of LED display. Solve the problems of signal access, processing and display, and can complete the format conversion between many signal formats. For example, live broadcasts are used more often. The pictures captured by the live camera are directly connected to the computer, and the video processor can be quickly and directly displayed on the display screen synchronously. If it is not actually used, the user may not purchase it.
  8. Distribution box,
    It is a device that stably distributes voltage and current to various devices and components of the display screen. Small area screen may not be equipped.
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