What information is you needed to pay attention to the LED light pole screen?

With the accelerating pace of smart city construction and the continuous evolution of LED display technology, the LED display industry has shown a diversified development, and according to different application scenarios, many fields have been subdivided, such as LED floor tiles used in stage rentals. , DJ horn screens used in bars, and LED light pole screens used in streets, etc., and LED light pole screens are one of the fastest-growing ones.

The new application form of LED light pole screens and the breakthrough of conventional display technology have enabled the rapid rise of LED light pole screens in just a few years, and even filled the gap in the field of smart street lights in the LED display industry.

The LED light pole screen box has a small area and a large amount of input, and it is installed on a light pole 3 meters above the ground. The site is not convenient for maintenance, and the impact will be extremely bad after a problem.

Therefore, it is not possible to use conventional LED display technology to seek breakthroughs. Instead, it is necessary to break the thinking circle of LED display manufacturing to meet the current market demand. Because LED light pole display is a kind of LED display, many people want to know the difference between LED light pole display and LED display.

How to make the light pole display waterproof

As an indispensable part of the current smart street light project, the light pole display has been widely used in recent years, so we can see the light pole display almost all outdoors. As a light pole display manufacturer, Shenzhen JYLED has also participated in smart street lamp renovation projects in many countries around the world. From this, it is also deeply aware that light pole displays not only need diversified functions, but also require multiple product protections. Only by improving product performance can we truly compete in the market.

Since the light pole display screen is often used in the outdoor environment, if the light pole display screen can be used outdoors for a long time, it must be able to withstand the test of wind and rain; therefore, the waterproof performance has also become a test point of the quality of the light pole display screen. . However, for the light pole display, the waterproof problem is always a technical difficulty that cannot be bypassed.

In fact, when rainwater enters the inside of the box, it will cause great damage to the light pole display, which will not only affect the quality of the screen, but also affect the normal operation of the circuit board due to the adhesion of water vapor to the internal precision parts. As a result, the light pole display screen is malfunctioning and cannot be used.

In order to achieve a good waterproof effect, some LED display manufacturers wrap the entire screen tightly. They thought that good waterproof performance could be achieved in this way, but I did not expect that the waterproof effect is good, but the internal The heat dissipation problem has not been solved, and the overheated screen has affected the service life of the LED display.

In order to enable the LED light pole display to achieve a good waterproof effect without affecting the heat dissipation of the screen, JYLED design engineers have gone through hundreds of inspections and tests. In the end, a suitable plan was selected.

The light pole display not only has a professional design and a clever waterproof structure, but also does not affect the heat dissipation under the condition of increasing the sealing of the box body. At the same time, a waterproof board is added to the top without affecting the appearance. It can not only prevent water vapor and rain from penetrating into the screen, but also avoid the heating of the screen caused by long-term outdoor use, and also improve the overall performance of the light pole display to a higher level.

After years of R&D and project landing experience in the field of light pole display screens, Shenzhen Chuangweida found that the use of stainless steel waterproof board not only has poor adhesion, makes the waterproof performance more superior, but also prevents bird excrement from staying and corroding the cabinet. The surface greatly enhances the service life of the cabinet.

The difference between LED light pole screen and conventional LED display is in these four aspects

First, because the materials of conventional LED display screens are not specially customized, they are relatively cheap, but the functions are not as many as street LED light pole screens. As a people’s livelihood project, smart street lights are equipped with LED light pole screens that have the dual value of business and people’s livelihood services.

Therefore, energy saving is one of the basic requirements that must be achieved. Although the materials of the conventional LED display are cheap and have not undergone special modification, the power consumption will be higher than that of the LED light pole display. Therefore, the conventional LED display cannot meet the requirements of energy saving and consumption reduction.

Second, the power supply and fan configuration of conventional LED display screens are few, and cannot withstand particularly high temperatures. LED light pole screens are installed on the street light poles on both sides of the road, long-term sun baking, combined with all-metal structure and small size, the temperature inside the box can reach 60 ℃ in summer even if it is not working above. Therefore, in order to be able to withstand high temperatures above 80°C, the LED light pole screen not only needs to increase the power supply, but also the number of fans inside the cabinet.

Third, the conventional LED display does not have high requirements for parameters such as brightness and clarity, and its appearance is relatively fixed, which cannot meet the use scenarios of personalized streets. The LED light pole screen is a product that can completely fit with the smart light pole. The exquisite and beautiful appearance can make it look more technological and modern.

At the same time, the smaller size of the LED light pole screen requires higher brightness and higher definition. The display screen can achieve sufficient attention. Therefore, the LED light pole screen must meet the rigid application requirements of high brightness (7000cd), high definition, and beautiful appearance.

Fourth, the conventional LED display has a single function and is not smart enough to serve as a smart terminal. The LED light pole screen is a part of the smart city, and it is also the early entrance of the layout of the city’s Internet of Things. Therefore, the collection and analysis of big data is one of the required functions. At the same time, the LED light pole screen must have audio, WIFI probe, automatic brightness adjustment, synchronous switching, intelligent temperature control, intelligent monitoring, network control and other highly intelligent application functions, so that it can be used in the dimensions of big data, application scenarios, and intelligent interconnection. Continue to cultivate deeply.

The future trend of smart LED light pole screen

With the rise of the Internet and the Internet of Things, the functional role of electronic equipment and facilities in daily life and urban construction has become increasingly prominent, and the smart display track has also become an important area for the development of competition among major developers. LCD liquid crystal screens and LED display screens have entered the game one after another, and have become the two major competitiveness in the field. The LED display has the characteristics of large size, wide viewing angle, high brightness, and colorful colors. It mainly focuses on outdoor display and various large-size advertising screens. Among them, the LED light pole screen in the outdoor LED display gradually comes into people’s sight.

The LED light pole screen is the LED electronic display that has successfully deployed smart street lights. Through the LED light pole screen, you can see the figure of tomorrow’s smart life and feel the direction of the future smart life. With the advancement of science and technology, LED light pole screens have overcome many technical gaps that were once insurmountable, standing on smart street lights, and building a complete intelligent information architecture for realizing smart life.

Behind the crisscross and complex display terminal market, the storm of intelligent innovation and reform has never stopped. Corresponding representative products will appear in different application places. LED light pole screens are smart terminals on smart street lights in the field outside the conference. The appearance, functional connotation, and product types are very rich and diverse.

Applied to smart street lights in public infrastructure, LED light pole screens give smart street lights stronger performance and higher quality, allowing simple and ordinary street light poles to gather intelligence, fashion and technology, and are the foundation construction of a stable smart city development framework The project must make the development of smart cities more stable and faster.

In terms of street scene display, the LED light pole screen has powerful display functions. In addition to conventional pictures and videos, it also supports various forms of content display such as documents and live broadcasts. The compatible formats are very rich, automatic photosensitive + manual The adjustment can flexibly adjust the screen brightness to adapt to the environment to achieve environmental protection and energy saving. 

More importantly, the LED light pole screen has strong protective performance and can freely respond to many sudden weather and unexpected conditions. It is a rare high-performance, high-efficiency, and environment-friendly digital information carrier on smart street lights.

Not only that, the LED light pole screen is also a multi-functional integrated display. It senses the surrounding weather quality through environmental sensors and sensor tests, provides real-time data reference for local weather quality assessment, and prompts the surrounding residents appropriately; through diversified customization, it also It can be equipped with cameras, smart speakers, face recognition, license plate recognition, one-key alarm and other functions to create a healthy and safe outdoor environment. When an accident occurs, it can obtain specific information and provide help to the public.

In addition, to a large extent in the future, LED light pole screens will become a key source for people to obtain various information in life, including current affairs, political news, product information, entertainment activities, GPS positioning, map guidance, characteristic cultural explanations, etc. The detailed content can be obtained from the light pole screen, and there is no need to worry about the authenticity of the information, because the threshold of the light pole screen platform is high, directly belonging to the equipment manager or government resources, the information released is officially certified, and there will be no rumors. The situation is overwhelming, and it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity. On the contrary, due to the authority, safety, and high audience characteristics of light pole screens, it has become a powerful tool for smart cities to crush rumors.

Driven by smart terminals such as LED light pole screens, the future of smart city life will be smart, clear, real and simple. But this will not be an excuse to hinder the continued development of light pole screens, but will encourage light pole screen manufacturers to continue research and development, continuous innovation, and create stronger and smarter outdoor smart terminals.


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