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What is 3D LED screen?

A few days ago, Fuzhou Suning Plaza issued a tender announcement. Due to the company’s business needs, it is now conducting public investment invitations for the lease of outdoor LED screen positions in Area A of Fuzhou Suning Plaza. Companies that meet the relevant conditions are welcome to come to bid and discuss cooperation. The bidding deadline is May 2022. 5th of May.

It is understood that the outdoor LED screen is located on the northeast facade of Area A of Suning Plaza, with a size of 51 meters * 14 meters and an area of ​​about 714 square meters. The bidder is required to have one or more naked-eye 3D screens with LED screens in operation in the provincial capital and above cities with an area of ​​more than 700 square meters, and the operation time exceeds 5 years.

Schematic diagram of naked eye 3d LED display screen
Schematic diagram of naked eye 3d LED display screen

In addition, the bidder shall undertake the dismantling of the existing screen, the construction of the new LED screen and the engineering transformation involved, and be responsible for the later operation of the LED screen. The brand of the LED screen used must be an internationally renowned brand in the market, and the display rate of the LED screen requires a full-color display of P8 or P10 and above.

Through this bidding information, it has caused another sensation in the industry, and once again raised the popularity of 3D LED display. Therefore, more people want to know what is 3D LED screen? What is the difference between 3D LED display?

What is a 3D LED display?

Different from the traditional LED display, the 3D LED display can play vivid 3D animations, making the scene in the picture lifelike. The ordinary LED display can only play the flat picture, so there will be a lot of novelty missing in the sense. Feel.

In mainland China, many cities have their own iconic 3D LED displays, such as Midland Plaza “Chongqing Light”, Chongqing Guanyin Bridge “High-speed Rail Special Effects”, etc., attracting a large number of tourists to check in every day. Therefore, this Once the naked-eye 3D display screen in Fuzhou Suning Plaza is completed, it will definitely attract a large number of customers to visit and check in.

Schematic diagram of naked eye 3d LED display screen
Schematic diagram of naked eye 3d LED display screen

The location of this naked-eye 3D screen in Area A of Suning Plaza

The area of ​​this naked-eye 3D screen in Area A of Suning Plaza (714 square meters) exceeds the area of ​​the 3D LED display screen (650 square meters) of the Dongjiekou Post and Telecommunications Building. It is expected to become the largest outdoor naked-eye 3D screen in Fuzhou after it is put into use. However, compared with the 888 square meters of the naked eye 3D screen in Taikoo Li Chengdu, it is still slightly smaller.

Area A of Suning Plaza to open this year

Fuzhou Suning Plaza is located in the Wanbaosu business district of Fuzhou, next to Xiangban Station of Metro Line 2. The total project volume is 550,000 square meters, of which the commercial area is 280,000 square meters. It is the first commercial complex in Fuzhou’s commercial history that combines three consumption powers of heavy luxury, light luxury and exquisite life with different themes.

The project is divided into three areas: A, B, and C. It is positioned as the Selected Boutique Pavilion in District A, the Elegant Fashion Pavilion in District B and the Joyful Life Pavilion in District C. Among them, Area B and Area C have already opened, and Area A will be opened within this year after refurbishment.

Schematic diagram of naked eye 3d LED display screen
Schematic diagram of naked eye 3d LED display screen

According to the plan, the commercial volume of Fuzhou Suning Plaza A area project is 70,000 square meters, positioning international famous products, with international boutique fashion retail, high-end jewelry atmosphere, with high-quality catering, providing rich experience shopping, realizing shopping, catering, leisure functions, covering Consumer groups of all ages meet the consumer needs of different groups such as family, business and tourism.

Inventory of existing outdoor naked-eye 3D large screens in Fuzhou

On the evening of June 29, 2021, the first 8K ultra-high-definition naked-eye 3D outdoor TV large screen in Fujian Province was opened outside the Dongjie Post and Telecommunications Building, in addition to the newly added important publicity positions and landmark Internet celebrity check-in points in the Dongjiekou business district.

It is understood that the outdoor LED large screen of Xindong Street Post and Telecommunications Building was constructed by China Telecom Fuzhou Branch. The large screen area is about 650 square meters, equivalent to the size of 1.5 basketball courts. It adopts the most advanced 3D+8K outdoor large screen playback technology in China. Surface smoothing technology is used at the corners to achieve a seamless naked-eye 3D effect.

P2 indoor 75sqm in Shenzhen
P2 indoor 75sqm in Shenzhen

The “Heart of Minjiang” naked-eye 3D project is the first naked-eye large screen in Taijiang District. It is located in Taijiang Wharf, with an area of ​​about 140 square meters. It has been in trial operation for nearly 4 months. Since the trial operation, the screen has greatly enriched Taiwan. The cultural atmosphere of Jiang Wharf has become an emerging Internet celebrity check-in point in Taijiang District. At present, SDIC Group is openly listing the naked-eye 3D projects for rent as required.

In addition, from April 25th to 26th, 2021, at the 4th Digital China Construction Summit held at the Fuzhou Strait Convention and Exhibition Center, an outdoor holographic projection naked-eye 3D large screen was also displayed. This large screen is 15 meters long and 55 meters wide. Meter. It is expected that the outdoor naked-eye 3D screen of Suning Plaza will be completed and put into use as soon as possible, and it will become another Internet celebrity check-in point in Fuzhou.

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