What is a creative LED display?

In recent years, various creative LED display have emerged in our daily life. We can also see various LED creative screens, such as speaker screens, Mitsubishi rotating screens, diamond screens, spherical screens, etc. Nowadays, when it comes to creativity, LED shaped screens are no strangers.

This not only allows us to see the wide application of LED creative displays in the market, but also allows us to see how to coordinate the surrounding technology and environment of LED creative displays. Compared with display products such as LCD and DLP, LED has unique natural advantages in creative display.

Random splicing, arbitrary shape, create various ingenious display schemes according to the application place and surrounding environment. LED creativity has unlimited development space, and LED creative screen has great development potential.

Creative Tunnel LED display
Creative Tunnel LED display

1. Definition of Creative LED Display

LED creative display refers to the LED display with special shape, which is derived on the basis of conventional LED display. The LED creative display breaks the simple, square and boring shape of traditional LED screens. It can be spliced into various irregular shapes at will to display highly creative content. The creative LED display can choose a specific installation method according to the overall structure and environment of the building, and the size and size can be customized according to site requirements.

In terms of appearance, the LED creative screen can not only attract the audience’s attention at the first time to achieve a better publicity effect, but also better expand the application range of large-screen splicing. In real life, you can see LED creative displays of various shapes, including: arc, rhombus, sphere, bucket arch, Rubik’s cube, cylinder, etc.

2. Classification of Creative LED Display

  • 3D smart LED display
  • Rubik’s cube LED display
  • Glass curtain wall LED display
  • Dance floor tile LED display
  • Lattice LED display
  • Foldable LED display
  • Soft LED display
  • spherical display

3. What are the advantages of creative LED displays?

Hardness: The LED display adopts FPC as the substrate, and the hardness of the screen body is appropriate.

High lifespan: Under the same working environment and duration, the service life of the LED display is much longer than that of the normal LED display.

Energy saving: Compared with the traditional LED display, the energy saving of the LED display is very good, the power is low and the effect is more significant. For all large LED display manufacturers, this is also the first element to have.

Easy installation: Due to the material and structure of the LED display itself, it is light and convenient, which provides very convenient conditions for installation.

Realistic color: The LED display adopts high-brightness patch, the color is realistic and soft, it will not harm human eyes, and the brightness is also high.

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Outdoor LED rental display is made of outdoor LED waterproof die-cast aluminum case

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fixed outdoor display screen

Fixed Outdoor LED display Powerful high brightness outdoor led display engages viewers.

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The stadium outdoor LED display screen is an excellent medium to captivate your audience by displaying vibrant content.

Rental LED Display Screen

The rental LED display screen splicing is convenient, but also according to the actual area of a large range of splicing

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