What is a smart light pole LED display?

As an important part of smart city construction, smart light poles can achieve the following construction value goals.

Benefiting the people and benefiting the people, efficient and convenient
Smart light poles can be equipped with functional modules such as WiFi modules, voice broadcasts, LED displays, security modules, one-key alarms, etc., which can not only provide citizens with network convenience but also better provide citizens with corresponding security guarantees and efficient and convenient services.

Scientific management, green energy saving
Laying optical fibers and wireless transmission equipment such as micro base stations and NB-IOT along the strong electric network of street lamps can form a complete IoT network for data collection and two-way communication. Using cloud storage, cloud computing and big data technologies, the construction of An open and fully compatible smart city basic IoT software and hardware big data management platform to build a “city brain” center. Standardized organization, sorting and analysis of massive urban data through smart street light poles to achieve refined management and intensive utilization of resources in various areas of the city, reduce urban energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution, eliminate potential safety hazards, and enhance comprehensive competitiveness. Realize scientific and intelligent urban management.

Automatic operation and maintenance to reduce costs
Smart light poles change the traditional manual inspection mode, reduce the number of inspections by management personnel and vehicles, realize intelligent monitoring, and screening, locate faulty lamps, timely detect street lamp failures, aging, short circuits and other problems, and comprehensively and effectively monitor various functional modules The fault data greatly reduces the work intensity of maintenance personnel and effectively reduces maintenance costs.

Light pole LED display

Sharing, reducing investment
Smart light poles realize the unified laying of power pipelines and optical fiber networks, which can provide standardized power and network support for professional applications of other business departments, effectively control the repeated construction and investment of power and network infrastructure, and avoid the resulting road surface. Repeated excavation.

Integrate multiple functions to promote the construction of green and smart cities
Smart street light poles can integrate light heads, wireless WiFi, single light controller, surveillance camera, micro base station, led displays, emergency calls, emergency broadcasts and other functional equipment. It can quickly realize functions such as intelligent perception, information transmission, remote control, etc., making the light pole an important entry point for beautifying the city and realizing the green development of urban energy conservation and consumption reduction, as well as smart city information collection terminals and convenient service terminals, and urban green and smart city construction.

Innovate business models and create new economic growth points for cities
Through innovative business models, the government can grant the franchise rights of smart street light poles, including street lights, to social capitals, and form a diversified investment and financing system with government investment as the guide, enterprise investment as the main body, and social investment as an important channel. A profitable IoT platform turns idle assets with a single function into high-quality assets with sustainable operations, builds smart industries, and creates new economic growth points for cities.

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