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What is GOB? The answer is here!

What is GOB? As we all know, the application of GOB technology in the LED industry has been one after another in recent years, not only because it brings a new evolution direction to the industry, but also brings tangible benefits to the application of products in all walks of life. So what exactly is GOB process? The article of will take you to appreciate the profound application of GOB process in products!

One. GOB Process Concept

GOB is the English abbreviation of glue on the board. The GOB process is a new type of optical thermal conductive nano-filling material. After a special process, the PCB board of the conventional LED display and its SMD lamp beads are encapsulated and matt double surface.

Optical treatment realizes the matte effect of the surface of the LED display, enhances the existing protection technology of the LED display, and innovatively realizes the transformation and display of the display point light source from the surface light source. Commercial display and home “LED TV” and other fields have a broad market.

The Difference Between With GOB And Without GOB
The Difference Between With GOB And Without GOB

The GOB process solves the industry’s pain points: the current traditional display is all exposed to the luminous body, which has serious defects.

  1. Low protection level: no moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, shock-proof and collision-proof. In humid climates, many dead lights and broken lights are prone to occur. In the process of transportation, it is easy to drop the lights and the lights are broken. Also, susceptible to static electricity, causing dead lights
  2. Great damage to the eyes: long-term viewing will cause glare and fatigue, and the eyes cannot be protected. In addition, there is a “blue damage” effect, because the blue LED has a short wavelength and high frequency, and the human eye is directly and long-term affected by blue light, which is easy to cause retinopathy.

Two. GOB process advantages

1. Eight defenses: waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-collision, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-blue light, anti-salt spray, anti-static.

2. Due to the matte surface effect, the color contrast is also increased, and the conversion display from the display point light source to the surface light source is realized, and the viewing angle is increased.

Three. A detailed explanation of GOB process

The GOB process truly meets the requirements of LED display product characteristics and can ensure standardized mass production of quality and yield. It requires a complete production process, reliable automatic production equipment that cooperates with the research and development of the production process, and a customized pair of A mold, with packaging materials developed to meet the product characteristics requirements.

GOB LED Module
GOB LED Module

At present, the GOB process has to pass six levels, material level, filling level, thickness level, leveling level, surface level, and maintenance level.

(1) Material off

GOB packaging materials must be customized materials developed with the GOB process plan, and must meet the following characteristics:

  • Strong adhesion;
  • Strong tensile and vertical impact force;
  • Hardness;
  • High transparency;
  • Temperature resistance
  • yellowing resistance;
  • salt spray resistance;
  • high wear resistance;
  • anti-static;
  • high-pressure resistance, etc.

(2) Fill off

The GOB packaging process should ensure that the packaging material completely fills the gap between the lamp beads and covers the surface of the lamp bead, and is tightly bonded to the PCB. There should be no bubbles, pores, white spots, voids, and underbilling on the bonding surface of the PCB and the glue.

(3) Thickness off

The consistency of the thickness of the adhesive layer (accurately described as the consistency of the thickness of the adhesive layer above the surface of the lamp bead). After GOB packaging, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity of the thickness of the adhesive layer above the surface of the lamp bead.

At present, the GOB process has been fully upgraded to 4.0, and there is almost no adhesive layer thickness tolerance. The thickness tolerance of the original module is as much as it is after the completion of the thickness tolerance of the original module. It can even reduce the thickness tolerance of the original module. The flatness of the splicing is perfect!

The consistency of the thickness of the adhesive layer is very important for the GOB process. If it is not guaranteed, a series of fatal problems such as modularization, flower screen, uneven splicing, and poor color consistency in the black screen and lighting state will occur.

(4) Leveling off

The surface flatness after GOB packaging should be very good, and there should be no potholes, undulations, etc.

(5) Surface off

Surface treatment of GOB packages. At present, the surface treatment in the industry is divided into matte surface, matte surface and mirror surface according to different product characteristics.

(6) Maintenance switch

The repairability of GOB after encapsulation must ensure that the encapsulation material is easy to remove under certain conditions, and the removed part can be filled and repaired after normal maintenance.

Four. Application prospect of GOB process

  1. The GOB process supports various LED displays.

Applied to LED small-pitch display, ultra-protective LED rental screen, ultra-protective LED interactive floor tile screen, ultra-protective LED transparent screen, LED smart panel display, LED poster screen, LED creative display, etc.

  1. Due to the blessing of the GOB process, the scope of use of the LED display has been expanded.

Stage rental, exhibition display, creative display, advertising media, security monitoring, command and dispatch, transportation, stadiums, radio and television, smart city, real estate, enterprises and institutions, special engineering projects, etc.

Five. Overview

To sum up: GOB process not only solves the problems of product weather resistance, moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-impact, anti-bump, anti-static, anti-oxidation, lamp bead heat dissipation, anti-blue light radiation, anti-UV and other problems.

It also realizes the transformation from a point light source to a surface light source, and the light emission of the product is more uniform, which greatly improves the viewing angle of the product (both horizontal and vertical viewing angles can reach nearly 180 degrees), and effectively eliminates moiré.

It also improves product contrast due to the matte effect, reduces glare and glare, reduces visual fatigue, and effectively protects the safety and health of users.

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